When Popular Cartoons Are Bad Asserized

Or would it be bad assified?  Either way, I always imagined what the cartoons I grew up watching would be like if they weren’t for kids.  How cool would it be if He-Man chopped Trap Jaw into pieces?  Or if Inspector Gadget had the ability to turn his arm into a submachine gun?  Personally, I think that’d be pretty awesome.  And while my dreams of an R-rated Thundercats will likely never come true, it’s comforting to know that I’m not alone in hoping for a bloodthirsty Lion-O.  Below, check out popular cartoons rendered totally bad ass by some very talented artists.

Click the images to enlarge.

*above image by ZetrOC

She-Ra by Nebezial

Grayskull by gsemkow

Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow by adonihs

TMNT by Nebezial

Voltron by channandeller

Grimlock by jasoncardy

Inspector Gadget by rubendevela

Silverhawks – Quicksilver by edsfox

Count Duckula by MrNorth

Care Bear by Undead-Art

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