10 Commericals that are Exercises in WTF


You know those ads you see that make you stop and go “what the hell were they on when they made that?” Yeah, those are these ads. The ads that you think you could throw wet bread slices at notecards on a wall, and make an ad about whatever they stick to.

Here are ten of the most bizarre I could find, send me any more if you’ve got ’em.

1. Starburst<3’s Spirited Fellows

We need more people like this in the world. I’m serious.

2. Fresh Air Gum <3’s Ice Farting Squirrels

It’s like some bizzaro world version of Smokey the Bear. Do NOT try to fart out your campfires. It won’t go well.

3. DirectTV<3’s Supervillains

This is actually pretty awesome, but I found myself constantly wondering how many copyright laws they were breaking.

4. Skittles <3’s Singing Rabbits


I had a rapping duck once that I gave away because it was racist. Called me a “quacker.” HAH.

5. McDonalds <3’s Hot Mascot Variants

What the hell McDonalds? Don’t take something I used to be terrified of as a child and make it hot! This is going to completely change the direction of my therapy sessions.

6. SpikeTV<3’s Pancakes Far Too Much


Spike, I understand you really wish to be the epitome of all things manly, but come on, OBVIOUSLY you should have gone with bacon here.

7. Nissan <3’s David Lynch

Yes, he directed this weird ass commericial complete with disembodied blue lips spouting nonsense phrases. I’m almost sure this has to be a parody of a prentious “artsy” ad.

8. Ikea <3’s Manslaughter

Alright, did NOT see that coming.

9. Sylvania Light Bulbs <3’s Oh, It’s just Thailand, OK

Ghosts, transvestites, and light bulbs all in one place. God, I need to go to Thailand.

10. Mentos <3’s the ’90s

I paused it when he gets that look on his face and made it my desktop background.

Post more if you’ve got them.

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  1. Anyone see the new Reese’s commercial? The total opposite. Super straightforward animation of a Reese’s and some text. Accomplishes so much more with so much less…

  2. I always thought that mentos ad should’ve ended with the dude pulling a revolver out of his glove compartment.. shot of the back window being sprayed with human interiors. Cut to the three youngsters with horrified looks.. then the front girl pops a mentos. Dude in the car smiles at them all friendly like and brandishes his gun… slightly blood spattered. Mentos.. the freshmaker.

  3. That Thai commercial has one really good theme, and another squicky asian thing that used to be common even in the west, but is no longer.

    They are visiting the cemetery to have dinner with the ancestors. On the anniversary of a favorite relatives death it is normal to visit the grave and have a picnic there. That is what the family is doing. The family also does a little maintenance at the same time.

    The other thing that is really cool is a reflection of the popularity of really scary themes in kids stories…. Vampires, werewolves, etc. Some famous author said the point of the stories is not that the monsters exist, every kid knows that, but that they can be defeated. And that is the really cool point of the commercial. With light, nothing is scary anymore. I like the dad’s attitude. The kid is pretty cool too.

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