Pixar’s “Incredibles” Gets a New LEGO Game

When the movie The Incredibles came out several years ago, many audience members fell in love. They fell in love with the story, but also with the characters themselves. For years, there were rumors that they would be making a sequel, but it wasn’t up until recently that all of those rumors were finally confirmed. Fans became excited as they learned that the Incredibles 2 will be released in theaters during the middle of June. They became even more excited when they found out the new video games will be released on exactly the same date, June 15.

The video game follows the recent trend that has become so popular, incorporating famous movie characters as well as scenes from the various movies, into a world where everything is made from Legos. Most people are familiar with the video games like Lego Batman, so on and so forth. It’s really no different when it comes to The Incredibles, only it features different characters.

According to partners associated with the game, the scenes included will be from both movies, meaning that fans actually have the opportunity to go and watch the sequel and then play the video game featuring those same scenes on the very same day. This is enough to get most people excited, especially those that have developed a true love for these movies.

The truth is, The Incredibles created a rather cult-like following. People liked the message and better yet, they liked the way it was told. Although it was a movie that was initially intended for children, there are plenty of adults that became big fans as well. That’s why so many people are excited that the sequel is finally coming along, not to mention the opportunity to live out those scenes in an infinite number of ways with this new video game.

Gamers will also have an opportunity to enjoy a wide range of different options when it comes to the system compatibility for this game. Initially, it will be available for systems like PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One, as well as PC. This gives most people an opportunity to see what the game is all about, because these are obviously some of the most popular systems out there. It remains to be seen whether or not additional versions will be made for other game systems. In all likelihood, it depends on how successful the initial release is.

This is one of the more exciting games to come along in quite a while, especially for people that don’t spend a great deal of their time involved with video games. With that being said, it really is a great partnership that the game and the sequel to the original movie will be coming out at the same time. It serves to generate that much more excitement for fans. The powers-that-be are also hoping that it will make both the movie and the game more successful, as one has the opportunity to feed off the other. If it’s anything like the first movie, nobody will have anything to worry about because it will be more than capable of standing on its own merit.

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