Over-Achieving Mom of the Year Award: 2,000 Napkin Paintings for Every Lunch

Napkins 1

I’m now closer to having kids than being a kid, and when I do, I hope I’ll turn out to be a pretty decent parent. But some people are setting the bar too damn high.

Above and below you’ll find the work of Nina Levy. She combines her love of painting with her love of her son, and the result is a series of pop culture themed napkin paintings that have spanned six years of her son’s life. There are more than 2,000 of them in total. Holy…crap…

How does she find the time? I have no idea, but these aren’t rush jobs. These are GOOD! Some of the best ones can be found below (via Geekologie) but you can see a million more at her blog here.

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  1. How to make sure your child gets beaten up a lot:

    Step 1: Name your child Archer or Ansel.
    Step 2: Put little love notes in with their lunch every day.

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