The 90s Summarized in 20 Pop Culture Photos

For what it’s worth I’ll always be an 80s guy.  Granted I didn’t even hit my teens until the 90s but when it comes to stuff like He-Man, Topps Baseball Cards, and Rocky IV, I just don’t think the 80s can be matched.

Still though, the 90s did bring some 80s with it.  And after all we saw the rise of the boy bands, Saved by the Bell, the Fresh Prince, and of course RuPaul.  So yeah, maybe the 90s weren’t so bad either.

Anyway, if you want the 90s in a nutshell, here are 20 photos you’ll enjoy….

Thanks to Buzzfeed for these finds

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  1. Please tell me you don’t consider boy bands as a good thing to come out of the 90s. Please dear god tell me you are joking… but it was in the same statement as FPOB…

  2. Dear David…..Nick Carter isn’t ON that list. I wish he were. No that is his younger brother Aaron Carter. And the icky boyband is nsync-thank God left behind in the 90s. KTBSPA

  3. HarshReality79: “Exemplify” does not mean what you seem to think it means. For instance, a picture of Hitler wouldn’t be out of place in a list of “Photos That Exemplify WWII”, as the word has no positive connotations.

    Anyway, hilarious list. Made me all nostalgic for my garish-looking childhood.

  4. Geez… I am the ONLY one here who grew up in the 90s and actually LIKED it? I LOVED the Backstreet Boys and All For One when they were around, although All For One didn’t last very long. You guys all forget the good stuff, like the age of the Game Boy! I grew up with one, I even had the one game SPECIFICALLY made for girls (Yes, there IS a Barbie game and to this day I’m still a proud owner).

    Not to mention all the other hand held games that followed like the Sega and without those two to start what I call the “hand held wars” there wouldn’t be games on your phones that are the same people play on their hand held systems, like Frogger.

    It almost makes me sick to listen to you do nothing but TRASH the era. One would think you all grew up in a forest under a rock, and all under that same rock. Shame on you all, really. Listening to you bash an era is like listening to a bunch of democrats rave about what they think is wrong with republicans and visa versa.

    Come on people, this isn’t the senate! At least SOMEONE here besides myself remembers all the good, wholesome cartoons that ran during that era. TMNT, Gargoyles, Mummy’s Alive, Darkwing Duck. Of course there were others too, Power Rangers, Beetleborgs, Saved By the Bell, Boy Meets World (though it came in the later years of the 90s), Sabrina the Teenage Witch.

    And what about great action movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer? The special edition release of Star Wars? The Land Before Time? Bambi? The Lion King? The Secret of N.I.M.H.? The Neverending Story 2?

    I could go on, but I think I’ve said enough.

  5. KW, I completely agree. I remember the 90s being the best decade of my life, even up to 2003. I remember trying to beat frogger on the PS1, as well as playing Star Fox on the 64.

    The cartoons were classic. I can’t remember the death of Saturday morning cartoons, but it was along time ago. What I do remember was how much I looked forward to Friday night and Saturday morning because of those cartoons. WB cartoons were great. Pinky and the Brain is one that comes to mind, as well as the Spiderman series, Batman, Dexter’s Laboratory. Then I became hooked on the action/adventure series such as Digimon, Dragon Ball Z, Yugi-oh, and all the classics. Now I realize some of these spill into the early 2000s, but I don’t see much of a difference.

    The Movies were classics as well. Lion King, Godzilla, and many others.

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