The 10 Best Adam Sandler Leading Ladies in Movies

One of the perks of making $20MM a movie and having nearly complete control of the film is that you also have a large say in who is participating in said movie. And ever since Adam Sandler made it big time, he’s been paired with some delightful ladies.

It also seems that the older he gets, the younger and sexier they get.  Go figure. But you know what? The man’s certainly earned it and I’m sure many pretty ladies would love the chance to be at his side.

In any event, here are 10 gorgeous women who have shared the screen with Sandler….

1. Bridgette Wilson Sampras in Billy Madison

I was really hoping that she’d have a longer career but she took to the Sampras wife thing quite well.  “Don’t I have a nice rack?”

2. Paz Vega in Spanglish

I wish Vega was in more American movies. She’s awesome. Kind of a Penelope Cruz on steroids.

3. Courtney Cox in The Longest Yard

I think this is the best I’ve ever seen Cox look.   This movie and in Ace Ventura.

4. Kate Beckinsale in Click

She’s gotta be one of if not my favorite actresses out there. What a smokeshow.

5. Jessica Biel in I Now Pronounce you Chuck and Larry

Gee I wonder who wrote the feeling breasts part into the movie.

6. Emmanuelle Chriqui in You Don’t Mess with the Zohan

She is so darned beautiful it’s tough to even write about her.

7. Julie Bowen in Happy Gilmore

Funny because this is way before Bowen hit it big time.  It barely even looks like her.

8. Salma Hayek in Grown Ups

I think Hayek will be attractive into her 60s.

9. Brooklyn Decker or Jennifer Aniston in Just Go with It

It’s a shame that Aniston got outshined in this movie because she looked great but Decker is beyond hot.

10. Katie Holmes in Jack and Jill

She’s so tall!

*Teresa Palmer in Bedtime Stories

I’m not discounting Keri Russell in this film but Teresa took the cake.

*Sorry Drew Barrymore and Winona Ryder but I like these ladies more!

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  1. Drew Barrymore and Adam Sandler have the best on-screen chemistry of any of these women and our favorite head-shaped-like-an-egg-gibberish-spouting funny man!

    For shame! She is the best Adam Sandler leading lady even if she is not the best looking.

    Turned on Happy Gilmore (wife had not seen) the other day and my wife said “Isn’t that Claire?” Had to double take…had no idea that was Julie Bowen. And the happy place scenes!!! Gotta love Adam Sandler for getting hot women to get on screen in their underwear/lingerie since I was a young lad.

  2. Jennifer Aniston was WAAAAAY hotter than Brooklyn Decker in that movie. Both are hot, but it’s almost an objective fact that Aniston was hotter.

  3. @Ian

    Having never seen the movie, I can only assume that is by some miracle of filmmaking? Because Brooklyn Decker is definitely hotter than Jennifer Aniston in reality.

  4. hey no offense …You all have not seen the leading ladies in his new flick That’s my Boy We are the Massage Therapists, that are in the scene with a few other leading men !!!!!So buckle up for the “Spa Scene” and the great Massage Therapist leading ladies shot , that are truly the stars of the scene!!!! Donna

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