One of the Many Ridiculous Aspects of the Walking Dead Finale


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I’m still reeling from how unspeakably terrible the Walking Dead season finale was, and as such I’ll probably be posting about it for some time. I was sent this image by reader Sam Acquisto that shows what John Wray thought of the infamous “Governor guns down everyone and henchman do nothing” scene.

This is exactly what was going through my mind when I watched this, and I’m glad I’m not alone. I simply don’t buy the counter explanation of “why did the Nazis follow Hitler?” I get that the fundamental concept is the same, but if two Nazi officers killed Hitler after watching him gun down a bunch of civilians, they would be executed on the spot or hunted forever. Here, if these two kill the Governor, there are literally no repercussions except him being dead and them exacting at least some sort of justice for the fallen.

I don’t know, I get that it’s possible for people to react like that, but it just didn’t seem remotely plausible in the moment. And again, this is only one of about 87 other issues the show faced that night.

Image below:

walking dead finale

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  1. There were sooo many things wrong with this episode. I’ve read the comics, but putting that aside… soo many things wrong. First, they are trying to tell us that the 30+ armed citizens got out of the cars without a single one having their gun. I don’t even think he shot enough bullets fast enough to kill all of them. And why did the father hesitate? Second, Andrea…. She puts the pliers in her left hand which makes me assume she is left handed. Why didn’t she a) push milton back with her leg to buy more time b) keep trying to escape instead of talking to dying Milton c) use her one free hand to jam the pliers in his head? I love her character in the comic, but she did have to die in the show. She was a waste of screen time. There is no way for them to get back to the source material which makes me not even want to watch it next season. I feel like AMC True Blooded us.

  2. Thank you for not making excuses for the show like so many other fans and reviewers. This episode was complete crap and all involved with making it should be ashamed of themselves and apologize to the audience. I thought even though they had a pretty bad second half, with the exception of “clear”, that they could at least deliver a satisfying finale but damn I never imagined it would be as bad as it was. I even think the producers purposely listed Lennie James on IMDB for this episode(it is now removed) in order to ensure more viewers for this pile of garbage.

  3. That was quite possibly the most uneventful finale yet- hopefully we get more content next season. I’ll still probably watch because of my completionist tendencies, but I’m not sure how they’re going to fare with one of the most badass characters from the comics being offed so early.

    Another question too- did they take all of the food from Woodbury? Did they take all of their guns off of the corpses the Governor shot up? Why didn’t they move in and wait at the border to take him out as soon as he pulled up?

  4. @honzoman,

    The title of the article is “One of the Many Ridiculous Aspects of the Walking Dead Finale”…. one might assume it has spoilers..

  5. I’m not going to try to rationalize it — fundamentally, I had some of the same issues, not as strongly, as others did — but I will say that the Gov’s henchmen were most likely undergoing a basic ‘stress’ reaction to seeing something so awful that hadn’t possibly comprehended it as it took place.

    One of the problems with episodic TV is that we accept only what we see at face value, meaning what’s displayed. We’re a bit skeptical of what everybody else says happened because we never saw it. Who knows? Maybe these two henchmen have seen the Gov go @peshit before, watched as he gutted the previous henchmen who tried to stop him, and they decided in that moment to stay as far away from that as possible. A throwaway line like that could’ve been added, but methinks most viewers who had a problem with this depiction as it played out would’ve seen through that as a plot device as well.

    That’s why I say again what I said before — this is most likely the end result of canning showrunners repeatedly. It’s also bad and/or lazy writing — though I personally had no problem with the Gov going @peshit, just the fact that no one tried to stop him was my beef — that’s been symptomatic of TWD fairly consistently since the first episode.

  6. what about the time he gunned down the soldiers for no reason did we forget about that?? Isnt it the same thing. His henchman were there. Thats how I justify it.

  7. The finale was a real let-down. Plain and simple. You can’t really make a counter-point to how uneventful it was. Where was the full season building showdown? A couple of watch towers blew up? That’ll make a good clip for the “Next time on Walking Dead” preview that airs the week before. This show’s incredibly overrated. Go back and watch through it, its not nearly as good as anyone imagines it to be. Its just got ZOMBIES! And the more and more I think about the concept, the more flimsy it really is when you apply any logic to it. The “zombie” concept in film and to needs to evolve.

  8. Meh, it was a lame finale, but still not as stupid as the majority of the second season. A couple guys following a psychopath whom they are completely loyal to is quite possible. If that’s all it takes to turn you off of a show, I’m surprised you’d watch a show about zombies in the first place seeing that aiding and abetting human atrocities is a real thing and walking corpses are not. On the good side, I cheered and pumped my fist when they revealed Andrea’s bite. Good riddance to the worst non-Joffrey tv character in recent memory.

  9. While I realize that an article called “One of the many ridiculous aspects of the walking dead finale” is going to spoilers, I have come to expect a higher level of a spoiler-free intro (see: before the cut) from Unreality. Thankfully, I have seen the finale prior to scrolling past this, but was actually astounded to see this sentence “I was sent this image by reader Sam Acquisto that shows what John Wray thought of the infamous “Governor guns down everyone and henchman do nothing” scene” before the cut.


  10. Jesus, a couple of people want the world to stop until they’ve had a chance to catch up a season finale. Here’s an idea…don’t read a site that you know talks about a show every week until you’ve seen that show. Problem solved.

    Mr Zimmerman, I see your point about “not knowing what was not shown” in a television show that could explain plot abnormalities, but that’s just lazy writing (as you later pointed out).

  11. @Mex1 Those soldiers weren’t their friends or maybe even family. They weren’t people they built a town with and lived with side by side. It was a massacre and it was horribly unjustified but in no way should be viewed the same by those men.

  12. @LEM Not the same thing but its still a massacre where they would say this guy is crazy. Considering the soldiers really didn’t do anything. I guess my point is they had an idea of what he was capable of doing. But i guess they screwed up by showing the henchman’s reaction to the governor mowing down the towns people.

  13. What about the guy from Tyrones group? He just stood there like “I’ll totally shoot you, man. Any second now… I’ll do it….” Then the governor shot him.
    While Martinez had this facial expression D:

  14. Ok, responding ONLY to the gunning down scene, I want to remind everyone of something…

    Remember earlier in the season when a walker made it into Woodbury and some of the locals wanted to leave…and Martinez himself pulled a gun on them, not just one person but anyone asking to leave. So, I can’t be totally surprised that he doesn’t shoot the Governor when the same people basically ran away from the fight…it’s almost the same principle.

    Again, this is ONLY about the gunning down, not the rest of the episode.

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