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Well, despite their ever increasing length, I see to be blazing through George RR Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. Now that I’ve started, I can’t seem to stop. I’ve wanted to write a post about my thoughts regarding each book, and at the current rate, I’m finishing one about every week or so. Only two to go!

With A Storm of Swords I’ve finally gotten ahead of the show, which has changed the game entirely. I sort of drifted through the first two, which were well written and engaging, but not exactly pulse pounding as I knew what was coming. Not so with A Storm of Swords which is not only the most action packed book of the three I’ve read, but since I didn’t know what was on the horizon, it was a real page turner. I must have read five hundred of the 1000+ pages last night alone, as once you get past the halfway point, everything goes to hell.

It’s easy to see how the show is planning on breaking up the mammoth book into two seasons at least. There’s simply so much that happens, it’s just not feasible for ten episodes. But twenty? Perhaps.

(spoilers begin)

The book also has a nice breaking point where it’s easy to see how this season will likely end. About midway through, there are a pair of weddings with a corresponding pair of character deaths, the most major we’ve seen since Ned Stark lost his head. Might as well discuss those first as they’re the biggest events of the books.


I only saw the Red Wedding coming a few minutes ahead of time. As soon as Grey Wind started growling at the Twins’ gate, I knew something was up, but it wasn’t until Catelyn found the mail armor under the Frey’s cloak that I had that big “oh shit,” moment which I’m sure happened to everyone reading. The complete slaughter of the Northmen was astonishing to behold in those pages, from the hacking to death of Robb’s bannermen to the musicians pulling out crossbows and filling Robb and Catelyn full of bolts. Despite talk of deals and mercy near the end, I knew Robb was going to die. Looking back, I probably should have known it was coming given how important they were making Sansa. The story pretty much assumed he was going to die, in retrospect.

I was extremely perplexed about Catelyn’s fate after the whole ordeal. The chapter ends with her taking a knife in the throat, and for the rest of the book stories are told of her corpse being stripped and thrown in the river. But I always had a nagging feeling she’d survived. Only in the ending pages of the epilogue do we see that she lives, a horrifyingly disfigured version of herself. Her injured throat won’t let her speak, and she clawed her own face to ruin with her nails out of madness as her men fell around her.  That’s going to be one HELL of a transformation for her character.

I didn’t care as much for the way Joffrey’s death was handled. I knew he was going to die going in this book, and I knew he was poisoned. I had also heard the phrase “Red Wedding,” and assumed it was a reference to his wedding, not the Tully-Frey affair. But he died at his own wedding anyway, and that was the final spoiler ruined for me that caused me start reading these books in the first place.

But that wasn’t why I didn’t like it. For a character you hate as much as Joffrey, you wanted his death to sweet retribution for all his assholery. Instead it was a rather confusing affair that had him choking to death, only to later learn he was poisoned by…who exactly?


It was supposed to be a mystery for a while, but the events of the night slowly revealed themselves. From what I can gather, Petyr Baelish conspired with the Tyrell Queen of Thorns to kill Joffrey. Sansa’s hair net was made of Asshai amethysts that were either darkly magical or just straight up poisonous, I’m not sure which. The Queen of Thrones pulled one from her hair as she straightened the net, and then either she or Maergery put it in Joffrey’s…wine? Pie? I’m not sure.

I’m also not sure why any of them did it, given how many other people have reasons to hate Joffrey and the Lannisters. It would have made sense for the Martells to do it given their past history with the Lannisters, but the Tyrells? The best I can figure is that the Tyrell matriarch didn’t want Joffrey to abuse the shit out of her granddaughter, and figured Maergery could wed the more mild Tommen eventually anyway. Petyr Baelish is attempting to coalesce power, as seen by the shocking end to his and Sansa’s saga where he throws Lysa Arryn out of the moon door at the Vale. I suppose he’d rather try to outmaneuver an eight year old king instead of a bloodthirsty, possibly insane teenager. I agree with Varys that Littlefinger is possibly the most dangerous man in the seven kingdoms.

I’m glad Joffrey is dead, I just wish that Sansa had been in on it instead of a mere pawn. I suppose without her the plan couldn’t have happened the way it did, but she deserved actual revenge for all Joffrey did to her.

Poor Tyrion got blamed for the murder, as he seemed like the most obvious suspect by a mile with his Stark wife fled and he having threatened the king multiple times in the past. I knew he would escape death, even after he lost both his regular trial and trial by combat, but I did NOT expect his revenge murder spree, choking the spy Shae to death with her own necklace (she was a spy the whole time, right?) and plugging a crossbow bolt into his own father Tywin before he made his escape. Tyrion was not fucking around by the end of that book, and I can only imagine what he’s going to do now.


Though few things worked out well for the Starks during the course of the book, Jon Snow actually ended up in a pretty excellent position by the end. I was surprised to see him betray the wildings so quickly and see Ygritte die before his eyes that soon. She seemed like she’d be sticking around for a while, but this is Game of Thrones I suppose.

Now by the end, after Stannis drove off the wildings, he offers Jon Snow Winterfell and the chance to be Jon Stark through a kingly decree. But then he’s also been voted Lord Commander of the Knight’s watch by his brothers, so there’s that to consider. Look who’s Mr. Popular all of a sudden. It seems he’s leaning toward the Night’s Watch, but who knows. Also, wasn’t it Robb’s dying wish that he rule Winterfell in his stead should he die? (yet another red flag that he wasn’t long for this world).

Arya and Bran spent most of their time simply wandering around during the book, which had much more exciting adventures for the rest of its characters. Arya’s story was pretty good, first traveling with Dondarrion’s men, then eventually The Hound where the pair of the made an oddly endearing couple. By the end, Arya’s gone full murder mode, hacking to death some of Vargo Hoat’s men to help save The Hound, but she later abandons him to go north. Her getting Needle back at the end was probably the best moment of her entire story during the book.

Bran’s plotline was inexcusably boring. In a thousand page book he quite literally did nothing but march north with the Reeds and Hodor. I guess we got a bit of Westerosian history from the group, but this was obviously the dullest plotline of them all. I am curious as to who this “Coldhands” is, and what exactly Bran’s significance in the story going forward. Hopefully it’s something more important than what he’s been doing.


The most surprising character of the book was without a doubt Jaime Lannister. It’s amazing to watch Martin transform him from villain into hero, and the loss of his hand has really altered his core. Seeing him going back for Brienne and rescuing her from the bear pit was a great shift for his character, as was his freeing of Tyrion at the end. His internal monologues about his place in the world now and his legacy were among the best scripted thoughts of the whole series so far.

Daenerys certainly had more to do in this book than she did in the last, but her story still wasn’t quite satisfying. She seems SO disconnected from the rest of the world, it’s like you’re reading a different book entirely. And in a thousand pages, she only has about four or five chapters to herself. She gets her slave army, sacks a few cities, learns who Barristan the Bold is and figures out Ser Jorah once was selling her secrets. But that’s it, and I don’t really have high hopes for her character in the next book either. As soon as she said she was staying in that random city “to rule” I knew it was going to be ages before she’s anywhere close to Westeros.

Now, what’s next? Hard to say, but I’m starting A Feast for Crows shortly, and you’ll probably see another one of these articles next week. I anticipate the Bastard of Bolton and his clan being elevated to uber villain status based on the fact he’s already popped up on the show tormenting Theon. It seems odd they’re bringing him into the fold this early, considering he’s barely mentioned at all in A Storm of Swords, and despite being a chapter POV person in the last book, we don’t hear from Theon at all.

I hear the best books are now behind me, which makes me sort of sad. I’m not sure why people don’t seem to like the next two as much as the others, but I guess I’m about to find out.  Perhaps they’re not as bad as everyone says. Even a bad Ice and Fire book is still probably pretty good, no?

Anyway, I welcome discussion about anything and everything I’ve talked about in the comments, just avoid spoilers for the next two books please.

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  1. Jamie’s character arc is one of my favorites, and re-watching season 1 of the show after you find everything else out from reading the books is pretty great. Scenes where he recalls the Mad King in particular can be chilling.

    And I think Shae was loyal to Tyrion until he was accused of murdering Joffrey, but I could be wrong.

    Do you think the “Red Wedding” will be what ends the current TV season, or will they hold off until next season for it?

  2. Yeah, I think the Red Wedding will be 9, and Joffrey’s 10. It could end with: Bran and Co. meeting Sam at the wall
    Arya on the road with The Hound (Arya and The Hound’s Bogus Journey) Tyrion being accused of murder
    Sansa with Littlefinger
    Jon defending The Wall from the FIRST attack (with Ygritte’s death)
    Jamie and Brienne arriving at King’s Landing (The end of Jamie and Brienne’s Excellent Adventure)
    and Daenerys…doing whatever. I am really wondering Stannis and Friends are going to for the rest of this season though…

    That leaves a lot to cover for Season 4 without really going into AFFC. Theon will be fun too, but I won’t give my predictions there because spoilers.

    Paul, I quite enjoyed “A Dance with Dragons”, so there’s that. However, it IS true that “Crows” is a chore to get through.

  3. I think Shae just saw Tyrion wasn’t going anywhere and figured she’d sleep with his dad instead. And the way I understood it, she was wearing “The Hand’s” necklace when he strangled her.

  4. I never considered how long Shae had been in the employ of Tywin. I didn’t feel that she was a spy the entire time. She seemed like a dumb girl who could be bought rather easily. Tyrion forgot that she was never anything more than an employee and he paid for it.

  5. It would certainly be a great finale, Joff dead and all, Sansa smugled, and we open season 4 with Tyrion on trial.

    As for best, my favourite is Clash because its Tyrion’s book but second best to me is Feast, mostly because you get a whole lot of Cersei, I think she has the most chapters in the book, and you see just how much shit she has for brains and also how low Martin thinks of her, to call her lecherous would be polite, and there is one particular very steamy scene which made me feel like a horny 14 year old. Also you get a lot of good guy Jaime, Greyjoys in Kingsmoot and some Martell.

    I honestly was a bit bored in Storm of Swords, I already knew about the weddings but the greatness is in execution, reading how Cat describes everything going to shit, and Storm made me stop hating Jon Snow, which I just grew so bored on book 1 and 2 and I just hate in the show, he was already dull and that Kit guy made him even worse.

    One thing I resent from last weeks episode was the lack of Mormont’s last words to Jorah, I knew those two still have feelings for each other and a great father and son bond which saldy was uttelry shatered by life.

  6. The third is my favorite book so far for many of the reasons listed above.

    A couple of things, I mention the next two books but there are no spoilers. I would hate to have someone ruin what is coming up so I wouldn’t do that to you.

    Robb does make Jon a Stark in name before he dies in book 3 so Jon is the heir of Winterfell but does not know it.

    Arya’ story does get better and she is one of the best characters in the books. Her chapters in the fourth book are some of the best.

    Bran……well his story in the books in mainly an inner journey and it take a couple of twist in the upcoming books. It can be boring but after rereading them they are important.

    Book four is a departure from most of the main characters and brings in a bunch of characters who have only been mentioned or in the background. A lot of Sandstone and Martells in that one. This is why most people don’t like it as much. Having read them several times, I can say that the fourth book gets better with each read through and it’s importance becomes clearer to the overall story.

    The fifth book jumps back to when the fourth book takes place and catches up on what has happen to the main characters during that time since they haven’t been seen since the third book. Martin and the producers have already said that they will splice the timeline back together for the show which should help strength the story and keep the audience from falling away and getting confused as to who all the new people are.

  7. Glad to hear you got through ASOS so quickly. Your review brings me back memories. AFFC is a chore, however I was mildly satisfied with what happens towards the end, though the whole book still felt like a setup. ADWD gets a bit better.

    As for the TV episodes, the official HBO episode descriptions are on various GOT and TV review websites.

    “The Climb” – SUNDAY, MAY 5
    Tywin (Charles Dance) plans strategic unions for the Lannisters. Melisandre (Carice van Houten) visits the Riverlands. Robb (Richard Madden) weighs a compromise to repair his alliance with House Frey. Roose Bolton (Michael McElhatton) decides what to do with Jaime Lannister (Nikolaj Coster-Waldau). Jon (Kit Harington), Ygritte (Rose Leslie) and the Wildlings face a daunting climb.

    “The Bear and the Maiden Fair” – SUNDAY, MAY 12
    Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) exchanges gifts with a slave lord outside Yunkai. As Sansa (Sophie Turner) frets about her prospects, Shae (Sibel Kekilli) chafes at Tyrion’s (Peter Dinklage) new situation. Tywin counsels the king, and Melisandre reveals a secret to Gendry (Joe Dempsie). Brienne (Gwendoline Christie) faces a formidable foe in Harrenhal.

    “Second Sons” – SUNDAY, MAY 19
    King’s Landing hosts a wedding, and Tyrion and Sansa spend the night together. Daenerys meets the Titan’s Bastard. Davos (Liam Cunningham) demands proof from Melisandre. Sam (John Bradley) and Gilly (Hannah Murray) meet an older gentleman.

  8. @ Lord Tywin, I don’t understand your post.

    “During his wedding feast, Joffrey’s wine was poisoned and he died on the first day of the 3rd Century since Aegon’s Landing while the entire court looked on.[2] Cersei blamed the deed on Tyrion and Sansa, but it is later revealed that the plot was orchestrated by Olenna Redwyne and Littlefinger. He was buried in the Great Sept of Baelor.[16]”

    From A wiki of Ice and Fire.

  9. I feel like some of your disappointment with Joff’s death and some of the other things is because you are looking, understandably so, for a little too much poetic justice which is by no means Martin’s MO. Everyone wanted to see Joff die in a satisfying way for how awful of a person he was but that’s just not the way it would happen. It was hectic and confusing because the actual event was hectic and confusing for the POV characters. Sansa is also way too young and immature to be involved in a murder plot of Joff so I really don’t think that would have been a plausible end to his reign. Martin writes in a way that he feels is the most realistic and unfortunately that doesn’t always mean the most satisfying ends to characters.

  10. Slogging through Book 4 now. Its hard, mostly because almost none of the characters you cared for survived book 3. I’m sure its important, but I’m only reading it to get to book 5. The buddy of mind who turned me on to the books didn’t know 5 was even out yet, and he failed to read the epilogue after 3, and didn’t know Caitlyn was alive either.

    I think my biggest problem is I started reading as I started watching the shows, so I could put faces to names, and good God are there a lot of names! With book 4, that’s impossible, and I’ve quickly gotten lost. Its just difficult to get invested in all these new characters.

  11. As an FYI, A Feast of Crows and A Dance With Dragons are essentially one book. The events of both books happen simultaneously, but focus on different sets of characters (i.e. If character A does something at the beginning of Crows, it is the same basic time frame as character B at the beginning of Dragons). I think this fact turned a number of people off, along with the fact that the ‘beloved’ characters are focused on in one book, and the rest allotted to another.

    I love reading your overviews and impressions of the books having read them already, as you have pointed out a few things I have missed (e.g. the Tyrell’s role in Jofferey’s murder; not sure how I missed that).

    Also, loved the Last Exodus, very fun read and am excited for the story to continue. The only thing that got me was how you described the ship burning as it left the Earth’s atmosphere. This type of burn only happens when entering the atmosphere, as it is a result of the immense friction when an object is leaving the emptiness of space and entering the relatively dense atmosphere. This friction does not exist when leaving the atmosphere as you are going from dense to empty.

  12. Book 3 was insanely awesome. I don’t think Shae was a spy the whole time, she simply took the opportunity at the end when she saw a better employer.

    Joff died a slow, painful and humiliating death so I think it was kinda just for him.

    Jamie really became one of my favorite characters (together with Tyrion, Arya and Jon Snow) in the third book and I was always looking forward to his chapters. Also Brienne is really cool and her Chapters are also sweet (dunno if they started in the 3rd of 4th book).

    Anyway, the 4th book is so slow and mostly boring, I’m somewhere in the middle of it and most chapters have been Cersei doing uninteresting court stuff. I really have to bring myself to read on, as I’ve heard the 5th book will be awesome (and character-killing) again.

  13. Also, I was actually cheering out loud when it was revealed that the Knights who charged the wildlings were from Stannis’ army. It was looking extremely grim for Jon and the few survivors of the wall, and until then Stannis os kinda ok but by far overshadowed by the Onion Knight’s chapters. But with that twist (I really didn’t see that coming) he really showed his character.

  14. Arya killed some of the Mountain’s men, not Vargo Hoat’s. The Tickler (Head Torturer) to be specific.

    As for the last 2 books you’re right, even a bad Grr Martin tome is still pretty good. The problem with book 4 is we abandon about half the characters we have been following so far and replace them with brand new people we don’t have anything invested in so far. The problem with book 5 is EVERYONE storyline becomes Bran’s storyline. Not much happens.

  15. For books 4 and five I highly reccommend you gobto tower of the hand they have a reading list there for books 4 &5 that re-arrainges the chapter s in a spoiler free fashion that makes it more readable. They were supposed to be one book but martin split it

  16. Shae was indeed a spy the entire time. Read (or watch) those episodes again. You think whores become attached easily?

    I also think that the Podrick storyline is becoming awesome. Thought it was just a bit of comic relief, but am enjoying that it’s continuing.

    To me, if Conleth Hill (Varys), Littlefinger or Tyrion are on screen, I can’t look away.

    Prediction: Ros won’t live through the season.

  17. Second to last episode title is “Rains of Castamere” so I would consider that a definitive yes on the red wedding happening during episode 9.

    “choking the spy Shae to death with her own necklace (she was a spy the whole time, right?)”

    The impression I got was she was just a prostitute. I feel this is even more obvious since in a way it mirrors his previous relationship (according to his understanding, at least.)

    I actually prefer the way Jeoffrey died. Sure, it was confusing, but that’s what made it such a moment of schadenfreude, as Jeoffrey gets to die to the scared little boy he was.

    A lot of people don’t seem to like books 4 and 5 as much, but I certainly enjoy them, and some of the other themes they introduce in the series.

    Fun note for book 4 – in the prologue of book 4 there is a character that is described in the same way Jaqen h’ghar is described after he changes his face *DRAMATIC CHORD* I didn’t even notice that until a second time through, so I thought I’d share 🙂

  18. Shae won’t cop it til next season, but how do you think they’ll do it? The Hand where’s a pin instead of a chain in the show- difficult to wear naked or strangle someone with. Stab her with it? Strangling her with his bare hands seems a bit extreme for Everyone’s Favouriute Character, maybe just crossbow her too?

  19. Hey Paul,

    good to see you’re flying through the books at such a pace.

    Regarding “Coldhands”, when they introduced him, for some odd reason
    i got the feeling he’d be that uncle of jon, who went north the wall somewhere
    in the beginning of season 1, where Jon wanted to join but wasn’t allowed, and who never really returned from that expedition.

    No clue why, but i almost instantly got the feeling that’d be him, dunno if there’s other theories on that matter out there, i’d definitely love to hear others opinions on that.

    Greetz Raith

  20. I knew Robb was dying at the end of Clash of Kings, when Daenerys goes into the house of the undying (or undead or walking dead or whaterver). She sees the red wedding and Martin didn’t make it subtle. It still felt sad when it happened, thou. I can forgive Eddard’s dead but Robb’s? He was supposed to avenge his father, he was supposed to face Joffrey. It doesn’t happens.

    Also, I know people hate Crows, but Paul, it is good. Not the rollercoaster you have with Storm (man, too many main characters die, even fan favorites like Ygritte and Robb, and essentials like Catelin and even Joffrey), but it is good. You will gain Cersei as a narrator and you will be introduced to the uglyness of the Hannibal Lecter from westeros, Ramsay Bolton (he was already introduced in the show last week, sweet).

    Dragons is very fast too, it was supposed to be a single book, Crows and Dragons, sometimes it is better to read it at the same time, three chapters from Crows and one of dragons. It also introduces new characters, some of them are the Nicky and Paolo of ASOIAF, I won’t lie to you.

    Keep on reading, we’re happy you joined the club.

  21. @Emilio, haha Niki and Paolo. You talking about someome like Areo?

    @Raith, I don’t want to say TOO much, but I actually disagree with the Coldhands being Benjen theory.

    @Xeno, thanks! Those titles just fit so well.

  22. Paul, don’t worry, AFFC is a great book. It is a departure from your comfort zone in Westeros, but it is a greatly appreciated departure in my opinion.

    I think it gets less credit because everyone wants to rush to the end of this story and see how it turns out. But let’s all be honest, when this series ends we’ll all be dying for more. “Ok now write more prequels” or “I want a story about this character.” It’s not going to happen. Martin is building his world for the finale.

    Take it all in now people, appreciate every single note of the song of ice and fire. Because when it’s over, you’ll be craving for more and it won’t come.

  23. I figured Shae was on Tyrion’s side up until he was arrested, then she jumped ship. I guess it’s not that important since Shae and Tywin are dead…

    Petyr killed Joffrey just to fuck with people because he’s shady as hell and likes to keep people guessing.

    I heard somewhere that GRRM is suppose to write the second episode of the next season, so it’s possible Robb’s wedding will be towards the end (probably not the last like Ned Stark’s death), and Joffrey’s will be the beginning of the next season.

    Personally, I really liked Feast for Crows. I wasn’t totally into Dance with Dragons, but, I think once the series ended it should flow better.

    I also hate Tyrion’s story from this point on…

  24. For me the red wedding has to be the pivotal part the series so far, admittedly I have not read the 5th book yet, so that could change. But I was just so taken a-back by it, after having Ned Stark taken the way it happened I never thought Martin would do it again… Robb Stark was the idealist, with principles and a moral compass, a charismatic leader and seemed a character meant for greater things. He was young and made mistakes but as you pointed out was supposed to be the good that would combat Joffrey’s evil… And as much as I was in denial that this happened I have to give Martin credit, in scenes like that I really thought his writing shines; The suspense, the tension in the scene building up to and into the wedding was gripping, very good and perfectly paced I thought.

    I wanna add, I really enjoyed the scenes with the Oberyn Martell, the Red Viper, I thought he was a great character and enjoyed the tension he brought to King’s council. I especially liked the scene when he recounted his first time meeting Tyrion in Casterly Rock, a shame he was such a short lived character..

  25. 4 and 5 have some good moments, but are fleeting.

    GRRM wrote himself into a corner and took him a decade to get these two out. The genius of the first book was that everything began in one place aside from Dany’s POV. That way you got to learn about the characters quickly and efficiently.

    Books 4 and 5 are all over the place. Very few POVs meet up so its like reading a dozen different stories, and they aren’t particularly interesting. Simply put, Dorne and the Iron Islands aren’t as interesting. Some of the chapters in DwD you can skip entirely. Plus GRRM has gone to the well too often with “reviving” characters so you don’t trust anyone’s death.

    If I wasn’t invested in the storyline, I’d advise people who loved SoS (like me) to stop reading and just make up your own ending.

  26. @Mark V
    True Robb was probably the only true one sided hero in the story still remaining, he indeed fights justice, just like his father did with Aerys, he did with Joffrey, a mad king and worse, an illegitimate one at that. However, I lost all support for Robb after he showed up married to Jeyne Westerling, it was the dumbest political move he could have done, and as Roose Bolton guessed, his cause was lost when you add the Tyrell-Lannister Alliance to that, your enemy is getting stronger and yo go and marry a girl from a minor house, from the Westerlands of all places whose liege is your enemy and break the pact you made with the least trusworthy man in the seven kingdoms (after Baelish of ourse), he just compleately fucked the pooch there. I am not saying I didnt feel bad for the Red Wedding but seriously Robb.
    Actually, starting on the second season I became a Stannis fan. Reading the books, you kinda are meh Stannis, get the pole out of your ass, but really he is the best choice to rule westeros. He is the actual rightful heir to Robert, he is the only experienced war commander (well Balon I guess counts but I’ll get to him in a moment) as the Queen of thorns said, Renly looked pretty and knew how to dress but that doesnt make him a King, plus his claim was pure vanity, Robb is just a child but then again Robb just wanted revenge and to secede from the seven kingdoms and be soveriegn and also he maybe didnt, it was just a way to keep all his bannermen together for a cause he knew they will die and continue to die for, Joffrey is a piece of shit, Balon is just a pirate, he would just pillage the shit out of Westeros, put his men in castles and rape the land, Ironborn are crazy. Also Stannis is boring yes, but he does have honor, after Davos goes full gear as hand, he listens to his counsel and does what he deems necessary, he is actually the only one who has actively protected Westeros when he fought and defeated the wildlings and saved the Nighswatch which was in so much shit its incredible.
    On the other hand, the Targaryen we have Dany and Aegon, but Dany went native and Aegon, well, Connington might have a point that Aegon will be a just ruler, he was bred to rule because its his duty and all blah blah blah but what, is it in Westeros best intention to be ruled by the Targaryen’s again? After Aegon gets it on with Daenarys, what happens until the blood of old Valyria goes nuts again and again.
    However, i would actually like to see Danny, Aegon and Jon ruling, Tyrion getting Casterly Rock, Jaime retiring to Tarth, Arya being a ninja, Bran with Meera, and all in a tight little bow.
    Of crouse MArtin will end up just killing everybody through an Others invasion.

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