Awesome NES Controller Mods

What will these kids think of next?   Well, given that NES is clearly outdated what the hell are we going to do with all these leftover NES Controllers?  Have no fear!  There are a bunch of weirdos out there who have found plenty of uses for them.

Just think about taking the time to actually make these modifications.   Still though, one has to marvel.

Check out these cool NES Controller mods:

PC Card Reader

NES Wallet

MP3 Player

NES Mouse

PC Card Reader

iPod Shuffle Mod

USB Controller

Apple NES Remote


iPod Dock

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  1. isn’t the belt buckle from some Nintendo marketing cartoon about a teenager digitized into ninento world, he had the gun and i’m pretty sure the belt buckle was a controller he used to pause the world.

  2. used to sell a electronic cigarette enclosure made out of a NES controller. It was a USB device that you connected your electronic cigarette atomizer to and you could vape right from your PC/Laptop or wherever you had a USB device. These guys rock… they make about 8 different types of electronic cigarette mods out of everything from pipe fittings to electronic pencil sharpeners.

    They are making e-cigarettes “cool”.


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