Naturally, the Japanese Ice and Fire Covers Are Way Better


As much as I appreciate the giant crowns and swords and bird that adorn the American Song of Ice and Fire covers, I have to say that I much prefer the Japanese variants overseas. They feature actual characters from the books, but depicted like we’ve never seen them before. I’m not even quite sure who a few of these are (including both of the ones above), but they’re definite improvements over the standard covers.

The best ones are below which feature Jon Stark and Dany Targaryen (in 2014 I’m giving up writing “Daenerys” because I always spell it wrong). One wrong turn the book covers might have made is making Tyrion into a creepy-ass giant baby that’s so terrifying it would make Chucky shit his pants. I get that he’s supposed to be terrifying in the books, and Peter Dinklage’s handsomeness is interfering with that, but still, gives me the shivers to see. Check them all out below:






[via NerdApproved]

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