My Nerd Year Resolutions, and a Call to Action


I don’t know who made this. If you made this, let me know so I can give you credit for being awesome.

2012 was a pretty good year for me, mostly due to proactive changes on my part (starting to write for Unreality being a major one). I thought I’d try to keep that trend alive throughout 2013, in the name of being a better culture consumer, a better writer, and above all, a better nerd.

There are several iterations of resolution lists floating around the interwebs these early days of January, but mine’s the greatest. Ok, that’s probably hyperbolic, but what do you want me to do? I want you to read my stuff.

1. Visit the Doctor Regularly

Ten was cute, but Four was my first. Note to Self: Vaguely sexual references and Tom Baker don’t really mix.

When Doctor Who‘s newest title sequence debuted during this year’s Christmas special, I immediately transformed into the food critic from Ratatouille. Suddenly I was a kid at my grandmother’s house, watching Tom Baker’s face form from the stars, eating Hydrox cookies, and setting up a game of checkers on a folding TV table.

Now that some notable classic episodes are available on Netflix Watch Instantly, I resolve to familiarize myself with all of the doctors. Even Eight.

2. Get Organized

(x) What would be the VIP lounge?

I love writing about all things pop culture, especially film and television, but I’m sure you’ve gleaned that my true love is video games. I’ve been writing for Unreality since May, but in 2013 I resolve to shop my portfolio around to even more outlets, including the ones I read religiously but have thus far been too chicken to contact. Rejection is an integral part of the game, and fear of it will get me (or you) nowhere.

3. Read More

(x) Why hello, childhood!

Out of all the gaming journalism I voraciously devour, about ninety percent is written by dudes. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a great big fan of dudes, but I’d rather aim for a 50/50 gender ratio, seeing as that’s how, you know, the world breaks down. So this year I resolve not to give up reading the writers I already enjoy, but to add enough ladies to even things out. I want to be one of those ladies, after all.

4. Take a Trip

(x) And cosplay while I’m at it.

I work in the book publishing industry and go to lots of conferences, but apart from a major library con in the middle of the summer, I never get to experience the beautiful stew of geekery, wonderment, and human sweat that something like Comic Con or PAX East offers. Add in my theatrical past and love of Halloween, and it’s a downright shame I’ve never had a real opportunity to cosplay my heart out (it’s not really a thing at library conferences, though we did have storm troopers one year). I resolve to attend at least one con this year, preferably as a member of the press.

5. Take Some Risks

(x) This guy. This guy’s the guy.

I haven’t done a stand up set in over a year. I resolve to do at least three in 2013. I miss performing. It’s effing difficult—both getting opportunities and actually putting on a good show—but the rewards are great. It sharpens my wit, humbles my ego, and makes me more spontaneous. And there’s no greater gratification than making someone laugh. Make a room full of someones laugh, and the effect increases exponentially.

6. Make Some “Me” Time

(x) There’s at least one game in each of these franchises I haven’t played yet. Boo and hiss.

I hardly have any time to play video games anymore. That’s sort of a problem when one wants to be a games journalist. I’ve been leaning heavily on indie games, since they’re generally shorter in length. I definitely don’t want to divert too much attention from those gems, but I HAVEN’T EVEN STARTED SKYRIM YET. I resolve to set aside a few hours a week just for playing games. For research. And science.

Hopefully next year I won’t be writing a resolution vowing to break my debilitating gaming habit.

And Now For Something Completely Different: A Call to Action!

So, Remy and I really want to do another piece together, but we’re having some issues coming up with a concept. We have similar tastes and end up agreeing on most things, which makes for boring reading. Since you guys are pretty awesome at thinking outside the box, throw me some ideas in the comments. All credit will be given where it’s due, of course.

Share your own nerd year resolutions, while you’re at it.

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  1. A fantastic set of resolutions – I’d love to get to a PAX or a Comicon, but the convention scene in the UK isn’t quite as strong as that in the US just yet!

    I’d like to see you and Remy try new ‘geek style’ things and rate them for us readers. I’m a big gamer and starting to get into comics in a big way, and it would be good to see you perhaps pick up something new each week and let us know how it would be for beginners. For example I’m tempted by table top gaming, but don’t know where to start etc – having you guys have a shot at one and let us know would be great. You could expand it as much or as little as you wanted (gadgets through to lifestyles etc?).

    Alternatively you could kick around ideas for comics or games/films of your own- get in other artists to flesh them out and see how they go each week?

    Or a podcast version of Unreality!

    My new years resolution is to comment more. So far so good!

  2. Come on, you know there’s at least one film that you LOOOOVVVEEE that Remy thinks is garbage or vice versa. You don’t even count as friends until you find out what it is. That’s a hell of a list of resolutions. If you manage to accomplish even one of those bad boys, you’ll put to shame the legion of people resolving to do something dumb like losing weight and then going about it by eating more and doing less.

  3. Geoffrey, glad you decided to start commenting more—excellent start! Thanks for all the ideas. I would love love love to try table top gaming. That’s something I have no experience with, either. Remy and I don’t live close enough to each other to do it together, so we’d have to work something out with that. There are definitely kernels of awesome in your comment that I think might lead somewhere. The gears are turning.

    Trashcanman, the film on which Remy and I strongly disagree is the Holy Grail of Unreality. We have searched and searched, and we don’t even have the benefit of Sean Connery or Nazis on our tail.

  4. Don’t Look Behind You by Frederic Brown in 1947 was in Alfred Hitchcock Presents: Stories Not for the Nervous.

    I am just now watching Deadwood on HBO GO and thought you and Remy might discuss cable series from days gone by. And I read your fiction underwater scene, and although a little unctuous, I pretty much liked it. Try some fiction out on us.

    Or tell us what movies you just can’t stop watching whenever they are on, even though you’ve seem them a hundred times, and tell us why. Mine would be Braveheart.

  5. A podcast is certainly a possibility…

    My search for the scary story has ended! Aaaaaand it’s sufficiently terrifying. I’m glad there are a few references that date it to mid-century; they provided a measure of psychological safety.

    Speaking of unctuous, how about Deadwood mayor and hotel owner E.B. Farnum, played by Larry from Newhart? He and his two brothers Darryl were some favorites of yours, if I remember correctly.

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