10 Things You Didn’t Know about Nitro Type

Have you ever heard of Nitro Type? If you do a lot of online gaming where you can make purchases, stage competitions and participate in a chat room with other people, you may very well know about this site. That’s especially true if you like things that go fast and you fantasize about being able to race and beat practically anybody on the planet. That being said, not everyone knows exactly what this is all about. If you want to learn more, you can find out 10 additional things about Nitro Type by simply reading the facts below.

1. There are currently about 80 members online

As previously mentioned, there is a chat room where you can go and talk to other people that you’re competing against. Currently, the membership is holding steady at about 80. That probably doesn’t sound like a lot, but this is a very specialized group of individuals that love cars that go fast. Since it’s such a specific niche, it’s easy to understand why there are not quite as many members as there might be for something that’s more well-publicized. That certainly doesn’t mean that they’re any less passionate.

2. You have the opportunity to look at your own progress report

The whole time you’re on the site, you have something akin to a report card. It helps you see your performance rating from the very first time that you ever joined up until present day. It’s a great way to look at how far you’ve come since day one and recognize the skills that you’ve developed, especially as you’re able to accumulate nicer cars that are able to go faster.

3. There are plenty of new cars available

Speaking of cars, there are plenty of them here that go fast. In addition, new cars are being added all the time and at the moment, there seems to be a large influx of new cars coming down the pipe so you might be able to get your hands on something that no one else has had in the past.

4. If you want them, you have to earn them

Of course, you can’t just pick the top quality car on the site and run off with it. You have to go through all of the stages of the game and earn points that will allow you to purchase these nicer, newer and better cars. The game is designed so that you compete at the lowest levels first and then work your way up, much like you would probably do in real life if you had to go buy an actual race car. With added success comes more money to purchase nicer things and compete at higher levels.

5. They are currently right in the middle of their Christmas event

The site is currently holding its annual Christmas event, meaning that you can get your hands on a lot of cool things for discounted prices. It’s definitely something worth checking out.

6. Some of the cars have extra skins, which makes them more desirable to own

Just because you buy the same car as somebody else doesn’t mean it has to look the same. A lot of them come with different skins so you can customize their appearance to a certain extent.

7. The very first user on the site is actually number 44 in the current system

It’s interesting to know that the very first person that was ever registered on the site somehow ended up with an ID number of 44, but it’s true. No one has ever really provided an explanation as to how or why this happened, but it is something that people who frequent the site are fairly well aware of.

8. The site is about to undergo a major update

Unfortunately, things always have to be updated and when you’re talking about a site that is essentially a type of virtual reality, a lot of technical updates have to occur. Right now, they’re making a lot of changes and it’s not just to rules and policies, but to the way everything looks and the way that people compete, at least to a certain extent. In some ways, the site will become more user-friendly and in other ways, it might become a little bit more challenging.

9. Not everyone is happy about it

As is usually the case, some people don’t like change and there are those who are so upset about it that they’re considering leaving the site altogether.

10. No one really knows how it will work out until it’s completed

Of course, you can’t be sure whether these changes will be good or bad until they’re completed and people have the opportunity to get on there and work with them for a while.

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