That Guy Actor of the Week: Jacob Vargas

It’s funny because Jacob Vargas goes back a really long way in my movie memory and yet in all of this time I never knew his name.  I remember first seeing Vargas in The Principal.   He was one of the “good kids” in an otherwise horrible high school that was filled with vandals and drug dealers.   Vargas was just a student trying to learn to read.

And here he is 91 titles later and still going strong.   Funny, I never knew his career started because of break dancing and he had his TV debut on the show Different Strokes.

Other notable roles for him were in Traffic and Death Race.   Anyway, here’s to you Jacob.   A clip of Vargas after the jump…


This is Vargas in Traffic.

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  1. Not sure if I should admit this but I saw the name and thought yeah that sounds familiar. I see the picture and say Hey its Butch ‘Bubba’ Vargas from Ernest Goes to Camp.

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