Eight Movies I’ve Seen at Least 50 Times

As I grow older I realize that seeing a movie multiple times isn’t all that great to do.   There’s nothing wrong with seeing a movie twice, or even three times.   However, once I think you hit five or more times the movie loses those special qualities that made you like it in the first place.

I don’t know.  It’s kind of like if you eat in a fancy restaurant every single day it eventually becomes diluted and not nearly as special.   However, as a kid, teen, or even in college, these rules don’t apply.  There are some movies that you just see over and over.   And it’s almost not even by choice.

Here are seven movies I’ve seen at least 50 times.  Yes, really.   50 times or more.   Think about how much that is.  How much time I’ve wasted but alas, here they are….

Rocky III

For whatever reason, of all the Rocky movies this is the one I’ve seen the most.   I remember as a kid I had this movie on VHS and I literally pressed play every single day for at least 3 weeks.   I guess I just loved Clubber Lang.   Combine those three weeks with over 20 years of that movie being on a bunch of networks and I’ve easily passed 50.

Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

This is a movie that you always leave on no matter what.  And think about how many times it’s been on television over the years.   Have I watched it fully through 50 times? Probably not.  However, I’ve definitely had it on well over 100 and seen at least half the movie those 100 times.  So I’d say a solid 50.

The Breakfast Club

This is the same deal as Ferris.   I mean nearly anyone who was alive in the 80s and knows John Hughes has probably seen his movies at least a dozen times or more.   I would say The Breakfast Club is probably the most seen.


Well this is a movie that I leave on without fail every single time it’s on.  I would have reached 50 if it weren’t for network television.  And honestly it really sucks watching the movie with curses bleeped out.  Still though, it’s better than anything else on TV.   I think I hit 50 about a year ago with this movie.

Weird Science

There was a time when this movie was on the USA network like 3 times a day.   And then you’ve got your major networks that tend to play it in waves.   Couple that with the fact it came out in the 80s.   Boom.

The Shawshank Redemption

This is about the only movie I’ve seen with this much volume that I never tire of.   It’s my favorite movie so 50 times is allowed.   When all is said and done I’ll have seen it over 100 times.

Ace Ventura

I used to watch this movie religiously so I would never miss a part that was funny.   Believe me it takes seeing this movie 50 times to catch everything that you might have missed.  There’s something funny in almost every single minute of this film.

A Christmas Story

How many years has it been on for 24 hours during Christmas?  Probably 15 or so.   12 times a day.   You usually watch at least 3 of them.   That’s 45 right there which doesn’t include other times in the year it might be on.

Honorable MentionDumb and Dumber, Overboard, Sixteen Candles, Happy Gilmore, Billy Madison, Back to School, Goonies


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  1. I have very few films that I have watched more than 10 times, so these are all very special

    1) Braveheart
    2) Shawshank redemption
    3) Bad Santa
    4) Ice Age (the first one, I still cry at the end)

  2. Wait, are you saying you sat down and watched these movies beginning to end while not multitasking? If that’s the case then it is very impressive. But if it’s like it was on and you were doing other things. Or you turned on TV and it was already half way finished. Then that is completely different. I almost always had the TV on growing up and that was back before on demand and the internet so you had to watch whatever was on. That meant having one movie play at least 15 times a month on say HBO. Under those conditions I could probably come up with a list of 50 movies I have “watched” 50 times. But to be honest I may have only watched them intentionally and without interruption like 10 times.

  3. I would have said Lord of the Rings but it takes 12 hours just to watch the whole extended series once. Yes with the Christmas Story, Happy Gilmore and Ferris Bueller. I’d also have to say Slap Shot and Pulp Fiction make the list

  4. 1. Billy Madison
    2. Anchorman
    3. Austin Powers
    4. Ferris Bueler’s Day Off
    5. Step Brothers
    6. Star Wars Series
    7. Wedding Crashers
    8. Matrix

  5. Your honorable mention list is basically my list! Except I’d add Terminator 2 (I had a crush on John Connor when this one came out – I was in grade 6, CUT ME SOME SLACK) and also 10 Things I Hate About You, and Mean Girls

  6. 1. Spaceballs (Since about 10 years old, I can recite this entire movie word for word.)
    2. Princess Bride
    3. Ghostbusters
    4. Black Dynamite
    5. Star Wars IV-VI
    6. Star Trek IV, VI, Generations, First Contact

    Honorable mentions: (As in, these weren’t by choice, but my boys love to watch over and over and over)

    Finding Nemo
    Monsters Inc
    Over The Hedge
    Spiderman 2
    The Powerpuff Girls Movie

  7. I actually did a movie challenge where I watched The Seventh Seal 100 times in 362 days. I’d challenged a friend to see who could get to 100 fastest in under a year and she bailed after 83 watches of Groundhog Day.

    It was actually a really cool experience.

  8. 50 times really? Probably the movies I’ve seen the most times are the original star wars trilogy and fellowship of the ring, saw fellowship of the ring 5 times while in theaters. I don’t know how many times after that, not 45 times though thats for sure.

  9. Ew. I came on here to read WHY you liked these movies, not read the same thing over and over again. “WELL, I might not have watched it COMPLETELY 50 times BUT..” Ugh.

  10. 1. Rocky 4, must’ve watched it a thousand times by now. No joke. I also watched it at least once a week my entire childhood.

    2. Top Gun? More like “Top 5 movies EVER!!!”

    3. The Terminator. Again, in my top 5.

    4. Fight Club. See above.

    5. Legend. I don’t care what anyone says. NeverEnding Story, Willow, Labrynth, etc… This is my favorite 80’s fantasy film.

    6. Superman 1. Still the greatest comic book movie ever. Dark Knight can eat a dick.

    7. Superman 2. Would be 2nd best comic book movie ever, but neither the theatrical or the Donner Cut are perfect. The true gem lies somewhere in the middle.

    8. Dawn of The Dead (original). My favorite horror/zombie movie ever. 28 days later, and Shaun of the Dead are close though.

    9. Total Recall. Best non-terminator Arnold movie. Predator comes close to. Commando is over-rated. Even The Running Man is a better movie.

  11. Every time it’s on I always stop and watch Taken. I think that’s my most watched movie so far (15 times give or take and still counting); it’s Liam Neeson kicking ass so what’s not to love?

  12. Back in elementary, I used to watch Independence Day every-freaking-day before school. Those explosions were epic back then.

    others I’ve watched around 10 times (or whenever they’re on):

    1. Catch me if you can
    2. Phonebooth
    3. Full Metal Jacket (my parents love this movie up til now, I was raised watching this)
    4. 10 Commandments every holy week back when I was a kid. that film took forever.
    5. Stranger than Fiction
    6. Golden Eye

  13. 1. Wayne’s World

    2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

    3. The Sword in the Stone (Back in the day, this video pretty much lived in the VCR.)

  14. There’s a lot of good movies on here. I wonder if you can make a distinction between the movies you say are your favorite and those you’ve watched the most. Because I wouldn’t necessarily pick the following as my favorites, but maybe they actually are…. maybe I’m a lot more simple than I like to think. 🙂

    1. Resident Evil
    2. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
    3. Re-Animator
    4. Rock-n-Roll High School
    5. Happy Gilmore

    those are off the top of my head, but there are also a few NOT by my choice, i.e. the kids:

    The Lion King (probably more like 200+)
    Beauty & the Beast
    Toy Story

  15. We call these Desert Island movies (aka stranded on a desert island). My Top 10:
    1. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly
    2. Animal House
    3. The In Laws (1979) Peter Falk and Alan Arkin — Hilarious
    4. Breakfast Club
    5. Goodfellas
    6. The Godfather
    7. Get Shorty – love to watch Chili strut
    8. The Matrix
    9. Fast Times and Ridgemont High
    10. Ferris Buellers Day Off

    If you are interested in others rankings for this category check out the Composite Ranking.

  16. I think I’m probably a bit older than most posters here. Here goes:

    Beastmaster–played over and over on HBO, to the point where people would joke that HBO meant “hey, Beastmaster’s on”


    Star Wars–each of the original trilogy

    For Your Eyes Only–still holds up today

    Back to the Future

    The Outsiders


    Dumb and Dumber


    The Road Warrior


    Hysterical–the Hudson Brothers’ comedy. The first movie I ever taped off of HBO

    The Last of the Mohicans–owned on tape, disc, and now on Blue Ray. Possibly my favorite movie ever

    The Godfather–saw it for the first time on HBO when I was about ten. I have watched this three or four times a year since, and it seems like I see something new in it every year.

    And possibly Aliens, which I saw in the theater, on cable, on tape, and on disc. Great action movie.

  17. I’m glad to see Black Dynamite’s been featured already, because that the most recent addition to my list!

    I won’t detail my list because I’d just be repeat a few people, but the one’s which haven’t been mentioned:

    Basil the Great Mouse Detective
    Problem Child
    City of God (this is a bit of a cheat – It’s a great film, but I’m also learning Portuguese hence the number of rewatches)

  18. “However, once I think you hit five or more times the movie loses those special qualities that made you like it in the first place.”

    That’s not even close to being true.

    Sure, a few may not hold up as well after multiple viewings, but the truly great ones stay just as amazing no matter how many times I’ve seen them.

  19. TerrorVision
    Dark Angel: The Ascent
    Doctor Mordrid
    Shriek If You Know What I Did Last Friday the 13th
    Nightmare on Elm St. III – Dream Warriors
    Nightmare on Elm St. IV – The Dream Master
    Nightmare on Elm St. V – The Dream Child
    Freddy’s Dead – The Final Nightmare
    Wes Craven’s New Nightmare
    Quicksilver Highway

  20. Jaws
    Aliens vs Predator Requiem
    New Moon
    Resident Evil

    Obviously I have a lot of favorites!!!

  21. Scarface
    Episodes IV-VI
    Godfather Trilogy
    Nightmare on Elm Street *first three*
    Full Metal Jacket
    Batman, Batman Returns, and Dark Knight
    Breakfast Club
    The Matrix
    From Dusk til Dawn
    The Order
    and so many more.

  22. 1. Blade Runner
    2. The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
    3. Dead Poets Society
    4. Back To The Future 1/2/3
    5. The Shawshank Redemption
    6. Amadeus
    7. Gladiator
    8. Braveheart
    9. Forrest Gump
    10. Heck, I’m surely missing a ton of good films!

  23. madmax´s
    friends comedys=very addictive.
    american history x
    green lantern
    basketball diaries

    not all of those are my favorite films. but all worth watching.

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