Movie Recommendation of the Week: Real Genius

You see, back when I was doing “crappy must see” movies there was just no way I could have added Real Genius.  Simply because it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.   Those of you that are a bit younger might remember the year 1985.   That is when a slew of dumb comedy movies came out that absolutely kicked ass.

Right atop that list is Real Genius.  If you want to see Val Kilmer being the best Val Kilmer he can be then you must see this film.

The film is set on the campus of Pacific Tech, a technical university similar to Caltech.  Chris Knight (Kilmer) is a genius in his senior year working on a chemical laser.  Mitch Taylor (Jarret) is a new student on campus who is paired up with Knight to work on the laser.

As you might guess, the laser is really being built for the government and to be used in warfare.   Mitch and Chris have to figure out a way to stop their creation from being used.   Kilmer’s character is basically a jokester, a genius whose given up on studying and trying to be perfect.

He instills this into his egghead roommate Mitch and together they learn to have fun.

The movie is awesome.   I also happen to own 2 T-Shirts that Kilmer wore in this movie.  One is “Surf Nicaragua” and the other is a Gorilla shirt.

View the trailer

Please see this if you haven’t.

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  1. This used to come on Comedy Central all the time…it’s one of those movies you just can’t turn off.

    Girl – “Can you hammer a 6 inch spike through a board with your penis?”

    Kilmer – “Not right now.”

    Girl – “A girl’s gotta have her standards.”

  2. It also has one the most motivational lines of all time:

    “You can’t quit now. If for no other reason than just to see a five megawatt laser fired, just once!”

  3. This really is a great movie, if it comes on TV, I have to finish it no matter what point it’s at.

    *checks if it’s on Netflix streaming….it’s not :(*

  4. “What about that time I found you in your room, naked with a bowl of jello?”

    “Hey! I was hot and I was hungry!”

    @ Frothy

    It was for a while, I could’ve sworn I watched it a couple months back.

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