Movie Recommendation of the Week: Empire

This is one of the first times I’ll ever recommend a movie that I fully admit I don’t really like.  I mean if you flat out ask me if this is a good movie I’ll will 100% of the time tell you “no.”   And yet it’s one of those movies that I’ll leave on if there’s nothing else on TV.   Usually in those scenarios I leave on movies like Weird Science or Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.  But Empire?  It’s not even good!  Yet I think you need to see it.

This is a typical John Leguizamo later in his career movie.   In fact I don’t even think this movie made it to the theaters.  Might have been made for HBO.   In short,  A successful South Bronx drug dealer (Leguizamo)  turns his back on his roots and gives money to a Wall Street broker to invest for him.

Unfortunately the broker isn’t exactly who he thought it would be.   Then, drama or should I say hilarity ensues.   The banker is played by Peter Sarsgaard and Denise Richards is in this film as well.   Like I said.  It’s really not good but it’s worth a watch.

A trailer  after the jump…..


The narration in this movie is so bad it’s amazing.

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  1. Is there a list of movies you have recommended? It feels like you’ve hit the bottom of the barrel if you’re recommending movies you don’t like. Maybe you could release a list of the movies you have already recommended, then take some suggestions from your readers? I know there are lots of old, random movies I love that I think a lot of other people would enjoy, and I don’t see the point of writing this article if the strongest case you can make for the movie is, “it’s one of those movies that I’ll leave on if there’s nothing else on TV.”

    Who, after reading that review, will go out of there way to check out this movie? Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t this section of unreality about exposing the readers to interesting, obscure movies that they might enjoy? It’s funny you mention Ferris Bueller, because this article reminds me of Ben Stein in that movie, “Well…… sucks…… but it’s on tv……Bueller…..Bueller…..Bueller….”

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