Minecraft Would be Pretty Terrifying in Real Life

While many of us always wonder what it’d be like if cartoon characters, movie characters, or even video game characters came to life, the result always seems to be the same:  terrifying.  Because when you actually see what a Homer Simpson rendered in 3D looks like, you realize if you saw that same person on the street you’d probably freak out.  Nevertheless turning fiction into reality will always be a fascination of ours.   One video game that was just given the “real life” treatment was Minecraft.

The people at Nukazooka made a short film about what Minecraft would be like in real life.  And as you can probably guess, the results are extremely terrifying.  Well, at least one aspect of the game: creepers.  If you think they’re a little freaky in the game, then you have no idea what you’re in for if you were to face them in a real life situation.  Feels kind of like The Walking Dead.

There’s only one unrealistic thing in this video. Diamonds. Diamonds would just never be this close to the surface or be extracted that quickly.  Still though, this is hair raising.

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