Creative Ice Cube Trays I would Probably Use

In all honesty if I ever plan a party or host company I’m a pretty vanilla type of guy.  Of course I make sure that my house is clean and that my guests are comfortable.  But as far as going the extra mile, it rarely happens.

And by extra mile I mean matching outfits with the wife or a “theme” in my house.   I just don’t stretch it that far.  However, perhaps I can do some little things to spice it up.  Little things like serving Han Solo Carbonite ice cubs in everyone’s Mohito’s.

Seriously, I don’t know who wastes time making this stuff but these are some ice cube trays I can definitely get behind……

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  1. Definitely lots of cool ice cube trays there, especially the Han Solo ice cube tray. It doesn’t exactly make or break a party, but it can be fun to have some cool ice cubes in the drinks.

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