Mila Kunis is Cool, Interviewer is Cooler


I don’t normally do celebrity stuff here for its own sake, but the above video brought a smile to face and I wanted to spread the love. Doing this job, I’ve interviewed a few big names here and there, but I  often feel bad doing it. You know that you’re asking them the same questions they’ve been asked a thousand times, and their rehearsed answers reflect that.

That’s why it’s so cool to see this interview, which isn’t really an interview at all. It’s a goofy, brave British kid just having a regular conversation with Mila Kunis, and actually asking her out repeatedly in the process. Mila loves the break from typical interview BS, though is forced by her handlers to talk about the Wizard of Oz at some point. But the interviewer ignores it and just keeps going with his own line of questioning that has nothing to do with Oz at all. I can’t tell if he’s putting on an act, or if this is all genuine, but either way, I thought it made for one of the best celebrity interviews I’ve seen in ages. Watch for yourself above.

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  1. If you like this guy, check out ’24 years at the tap end’. Once a week on Scott’s show Chris reads out stories from his life. Should be on youtube I’d imagine…you find out much more about Sir Dosser, The Convict et al.

  2. She’s cool as shit in the interview, but it gets pretty awkward at the end. She already agreed on her own terms to go see a game with them, then he’s all like “wanna get naked at a wedding too?”. No more Mila Kunis at the game buddy, sorry, should have quit while you were ahead.

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