Memorable Moments in Movies: The Flying V formation from Mighty Ducks


As an adult and especially if you’re a hockey fan you kind of realize how dumb this scene is.   But from a pure movie perspective I always loved the Mighty V.   It was a just a fun scene in the Might Ducks “franchise.”   Granted I also always liked the knuckle puck too, but I think the V is the formidable fantasy hockey formation of its generation.

Plus it’s pretty cool when a movie was the inspiration for an actual NHL team name.   Yes, the Anaheim Ducks.   Man, where the hell is Emilio Estevez?


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  1. I was the same age as these actors, playing hockey myself, when the movies came out. At first it was fun watching the ‘cool’ stuff they did and got away with. As they kept making films and I got older it started getting irritating watching them play something similar to hockey but more like a circus performance on ice. I just have a hard time looking past some of the blatant rules and scenes that they disregard. Maybe if I played little league football or baseball I would be prejudice against The Little Giants or Bad News Bears.

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