Memorable Moments in Movies: The Complete Dolphin Tank Scene in Ace Ventura


I don’t know how many of you come from my era.  And by that era I mean you were in high school when Adam Sandler and Jim Carrey were at their funniest.   Even if you weren’t and you finally got the chance to get into these guys now you might be able to appreciate how incredible Jim Carrey was in his In Living Color days.

And that translated perfectly on screen when he got his chance in Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.   Of all the scenes in this movie, this is way up there for me.


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  1. The VHS tape that I had of this movie had this scene on it when I was a kid. The dolphin trainer character is my favorite part of this movie (which is full of many other hilarious scenes).

    When I met my wife, she also claimed to have seen Ace Ventura many a time growing up. We are quoters, so we often go back and forth on our favorites.

    I busted out my best “Heinz Getwellvet!” the first chance I got and she stared at me like a deer in headlights. She had no idea what I was talking about…she had no recollection of this scene.

    I thought that meant that she simply hadn’t seen the movie as much as she had claimed, but when we downloaded a copy to watch, THE SCENE WAS NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!

    I have no idea why they included this on the VHS, and then treated it like a deleted scene every time after that, but it is a shame!

    “Do you know him? Does he call you on the phone? DO YOU HAVE A DORSAL FIN???” – This is what I think of every time I think of this movie. If you’re watching a copy of Ace Ventura without the Heinz Gentwellvet scene, then you might as well be watching it on cable.

  2. @Emanon

    “The VHS tape that I had of this movie had this scene on it when I was a kid.”

    No shit dude. Obviously if you have a VHS of the entire movie, it is going to contain every scene from that movie.

  3. …had you read the entirety of my post instead of going straight to correcting dick mode, you would have seen that there do exist versions of this movie that do not have this scene it it. The VHS I had as a kid did, but the versions that my wife saw did not.

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