Memento’s Brilliant, Beautiful Timeline

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I’m not sure I’ve ever actually done a “top five movies ever” list for myself, but when I do, Memento will sit firmly in the number one spot. I saw it back in high school originally, and about fifteen times since, and with each new viewing I notice some small detail I missed before.

It made me love Christopher Nolan before he ever got near Batman, and it was the birthplace of his twisting and winding story style. But none of his movies have reached this level of complexity since. This art project shows the timeline from the film in all its complicated glory. Telling an entire movie backward is no easy trick, but splicing in black and white asides and flashbacks makes it even more complex. With this image, you can see it all laid out properly.

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  1. I could be wrong but I remember you listing your top 3 games, tv shows and movies for your birthday a couple years ago in a kind of better know an editor article.

  2. You should also check Following (by Nolan). It’s a movie in which he first experimented with non-linear storytelling in crime/mystery genre, which he later perfected in Memento. In a way Memento is spiritual sequel of Following.

  3. I love everything that Nolan has ever done but I hadn’t heard if Following. I’ll check that out, cheers Dzuksi.

    I’ll never forget how much my mind was blown when I first watched Memento – similar to the first time I saw Prestige, which is another classic.

  4. I’m just wondering why on the top chunk of the storyline so much repetition was used. Almost every single one ended with a line that the next one started with. Could definitely use a lot of work but otherwise it was cool.

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