Loopmancer is a Cybernetic 2D Romp Now Available

Loopmancer is a new 2.5 action-platformer that brings back the old-school approach to gaming. The story takes place in a futuristic cyberpunk metropolis called Dragon City. A cyber detective named Xiang Zixu mysteriously wakes up in his apartment after getting killed, only to find himself embroiled in another case. A famous journalist went missing and Zixu needs to find out what happened to her. Being a mix of Cyberpunk 2077 and Strider, Loopmancer is an anime-inspired slasher with rouge-lite elements mixed into the gameplay. Cybernetic enhancements have all become mainstream within society in Dragon City. Humankind is now all part of a neuro-link network in which the entire city operates like one giant machine. However, due to the growth of advanced technology, the classes of people have grown further apart. The super-rich overlooks Dragon City while others are forced to live in poverty. This, in turn, creates a level of design that explores the many nuances of urban architecture.

Hence, there are 7 stages in Loopmancer, each offering something unique to look at and introducing new gameplay mechanics. Everything from ostentatious hotels, neon villages, and hyper-active training facilities can all be explored. This game was developed using the Unreal Engine 4 software and the slick representation is a treat for the eyes. The flashy visuals and fast-paced gameplay give Loopmancer an ‘arcadey’ feel to it. Even though this game may not break new ground, there is still lots of fun to indulge in. There is no doubt that old-school gamers will reminisce about games of their youth through this title. However, due to the evolution of games throughout the last thirty years, Loopmancer goes beyond the standard platformer approach of yesteryear. There are many facets in this game that offers many hours of gameplay. Even though the combat is satisfying, the unlockables in this game are what will make gamers come back for more.

Cyber Sword Slashing

Loopmancer does have a storyline that comes with branching paths. There are about 7 different endings to unlock after each playthrough. There are in-game cutscenes that provide important story points and exposition which will entice the player to keep pushing forward with the adventure. Each level is broken up into different sections, all of which provide various pathways to take. With each playthrough, new areas will open up while others close, giving Loopmancer a slight Metroidvania feel to it. Hence, every time a player revisits a stage, it will feel like a whole new trek that will still give the player a sense of wonder and curiosity. One level entails riding up an elevator and clearing out floors while trying to find a particular office. Another level consists of fighting robots in a factory without getting killed. There is enough variation in the level design to keep things interesting.

Zixu can get around levels with ease thanks to his climbing abilities and grappling hook. The animations are on-point and snappy. This helps with the platforming segments of this game, making it very easy to time attacks and land jumps. There are upgradable abilities to find in Loopmancer, as well. How it works is that every time Zixu dies, he will wake back up in his apartment, starting over again. Of course, players can use ‘e-coins’ to install new chips for Zixu’s prosthetic limb, unlock a new weapon or try out a new skill after each death. Thus, there are about 100 weapons to find in this game, each with its own perks and moveset. With the 30 different enemy variations, players will need to constantly switch up playstyles with all the unlockables to smite them. They all come with their own strengths and weaknesses, which will force players to experiment with different loadouts to discover the most effective way to kill them.

Dangerous Detective

Zixu is no slouch when it comes to combat. Not only does he come with a sword and other melee weapons, but also with firepower. He can use pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, and futuristic laser guns during mid-combos to spice up attacks. Thus, he also has the ability to counter, parry, and dodge attacks from his foes. All of which, by the way, will be coming from all angles. Loopmancer isn’t an easy game by any means. Much like any other rogue-lite title out there, this game is all about trial and error. There are bosses in this game too. Some are generic brutes that will take a lot of damage and others, like the hacker, will require puzzle-solving skills. This game throws curveballs on a constant basis to where players will need to find a way to outwit them.

Even though Loopmancer resets everything with each playthrough, all of the unlocked weapons and skills are permanent. This will give this game a sense of mercy for any player that’s having a hard time clearing an area. This title certainly delivers all the goods went it comes to a side-scrolling romp. Even though the combat has a sense of depth, a robust weapon selection, and even customization options, the rogue-lite feature gives Loopmancer an endless replayability factor. There is much to enjoy with this game and any gamer that is looking for something that’s a little more simplistic in terms of gameplay, then this may be the title for them. The fast-paced gameplay and rogue-lite features give this game a nice mix of fun factor and replayability that isn’t seen in many games of this caliber.

Prosthetic Police Power

Needless to say, Loopmancer appears to be a solid IP to check out. The simplistic nature of its combat system gives it a 90s slasher charm to it. Thus, the rouge-lite feature adds extra layers to the replayability. Loopmancer was just released on July 13th and it’s receiving fairly favorable reviews. It’s a refreshing little title that deserves to be recognized due to its ambition and colorful world. Loopmancer is now playable on PC and there is no word on whether or not it will be coming to consoles. It’s possible that it could be, but only time will tell.

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