Living in the Future: So We Can Print Guns Now

Every once in a while I like to stop and take a look around when I realize that through advances in technology and/or pop culture, we’re actually starting to live in the sort of sci-fi future we’ve read about in books, or seen in movies.

I don’t think 3D printing has necessarily been a part of all that many sci-fi stories, but it’s looking like it could really reshape society. For example, the gun you see above was assembled using a 3D printed lower reciever (the green part). That’s the part of the gun that makes it shoot, and what you need a permit to buy. Everything else can be purchased without a permit, but if you can print your own receiver, you’re good to go.

Of course, this particular gun only managed to fire six shots before the custom receiver broke, but it’s clear that if it’s functional in any capacity, some new laws are going to have to be passed pretty soon as the technology continues to evolve. There’s a video of the gun in action below.

If you could 3D print anything, what would it be? Don’t say a girlfriend, weirdo.


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  1. A recent episode of CSI actually centered around an assassin using 3D printed guns, since they were, in theory at least, untraceable. Of course, they were only usable for one shot each.

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