Link Performs “Hyrulian Skinhead” in Wind Waker HD

I’ve sort of been obsessed with the song “Black Skinhead” by Kanye West ever since I first heard it in the Wolf of Wall Street trailer. This is of course, overlooking the fact that I’m fairly certain Kanye West himself is one of those secret celebrity Men in Black aliens who pops out three heads when no one is looking. And all three heads start complimenting each other on how good looking they are.

Anyway, someone has taken the first part of the song and had Link perform it in Wind Waker HD. Apparently there’s some sort of new Wii U gamepad feature where you can have Link take selfies (what?) and also make funny faces at the camera. Sync up the funny faces well enough, and you have Link rapping to Kayne. I love it, and definitely stay for the whole thing.

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