Lines of Dialogue That Could Have Altered Entire Films

Common sense is something that seems to go out the window most times when watching movies, though sometimes its absence is too great not to notice. It seems that sometimes entire plotlines of movies could have been resolved with one or two lines of dialogue.

That’s what the next few images show. A bit of quick thinking, and the entire central conflict of all these films could have been solved. I always did think they were rather mean to that crippled guy.

Check out the gallery below:

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  1. I used to feel the same way about the plotline of Lord of The Rings, until my wife pointed out there was a giant fire eyeball seeing everything that comes near it…so, I’m not sure if riding a giant eagle would’ve worked. Sorrs.

  2. All of these are really funny, and I completely agree…specially the 300 one…swallow your pride Leonidas!

    I’m pretty sure someone’s going to chime in and explain the Gandalf one…everytime the Eagles are mentioned, the reason’s stated but beats me if I can always remember.

    and I guess the Obi-Wan one is a bit more difficult to play out since it’s the whole trope of friend reluctanly fighting former friend.

    but 300, Gladiator, Hangover, Pulp…damn sure

  3. On the subject of the eagles, yes there was a giant eye. But what alone can a giant eye do against a giant eagle speed-running his ass into mordor? As for the fell beasts the Nazgul did not even have them yet, the first time you ever see one on a Fell beast is in the Two Towers.

  4. For the 300 one, it wouldn’t make sense for them to accept him. They throw babies off of cliffs if there’s anythign wrong with them! The guy’s lucky Leonidis didn’t stab him then and there.

  5. In LotR, there are fell beasts and thousands of archers that would make “just flying there” pretty stupid. That’s like wondering why the modern military bothers with stealthy infiltration instead of just flying a helicopter right into a base.

    As for 300, that actually cracked me up in the movie. The whole point Leonidas made was that hunchback guy wouldn’t be able to fight in a phalanx, which is then used for like 10 seconds before everybody goes all Hollywood magical bad-ass and swirls all about with curvey swords like blood ballerinas.

  6. The eagles debate in LOTR is trivial. Elrond should have just thrown Isildur into the volcano a thousand years earlier along with the ring. Everything that happened in LOTR is Elrond’s fault.

    Here’s the scene as it should have played out:
    Elrond: “Throw the ring in.”
    Isildur: “No, it’s mine.”
    Elrond (while pushing Isildur into the pit): “See you later, then.”

  7. or why didn’t the fellowship ride horses instead of walking? boromir rode to the council. what happened to his horse? would have saved a lot walking!

  8. What about one where Yoda has a look for his lightsaber or has another go.
    It seemed kind of important to kill that Palpatine guy and he wasn’t even hurt, he just quit like a bitch.

  9. well time to be a jerk dont really want to be but have to
    1. @DontbeaGoof do you really think that just because they show up fiirst in the twin towers that fell beasts dont exist until that movie? what was the lead nazgul guy just like “oh i feel like creating a flying beast that screams extremely high pitched for the second movie.” theyve existed for thousands of years read salmarilin or whatever its called by tolkien
    2.@whoever created the star wars one Obi wan was bestfriends with anakin he practically raised him from the age of six and you honestly think that it would be possible for him to cut off his head? how bout you raise a kid for 15 years and then chop off his head
    3. @ major harris horses are possibly the worst animals to take over mountains and they were going over mountains or did you not happen to see the movie or read the books? horses can be lamed for the rest of their lives if they get a single rock stuck in their hooves for a time and if they twist a leg, basically the only thing that horse is good for now is a life of luxury in a meadow somewhere because well he cant carry you anymore
    4 @ whoever did the gladiator one hes a freaking roman emperor!! he can accuse spartacus of treason and no one will question him then ooooh public execution to entertain the masses on a holiday or something

    last one

    5 @the 300 creator person it wouldve been a whole lot better if you had put something like “sure you can be a part of our cleanup crew, you know the guys that follow our phalanx and kill anyone that didnt die from our attack” cause it shows those guys in the first part after they drive the first of xerxes’ attacks over the cliffs and the next wave comes

    Thats it šŸ˜€

  10. So I’m thinking original Star Wars… Escape pod goes flying by…

    Gunner: There goes another one.

    Officer: Hold your fire. Well, on second thought, go ahead and blast it, just in case.

  11. @jv. i have read the books many times over, starting when i was in the 6th grade. i am now 44. and have seen the movies many times too. boromir rode to rivendale from gondor. he made it safe and sound. in the time line after the return of the king, after frodo leaves, many years later, aragorn and his court ride to the shire and camp outside it’s border and visits pippen, merry, and sam. (aragorn declares the shire it’s own independent country and that no one may enter, even himself, with out the consent of the mayor of he shire. which was sam at the time, bye the way.) so here are examples, (especially with aragorn and his whole court,) traveling by horse from gondor to the shire.

    in our own history, we had the settlers travel to the west by covered wagons and horses. those people went over the rockies and the sierras.

  12. “These Death Star blueprints are mostly ok; we just need these thermal exhaust ports properly covered. The way you have it now, a chain reaction on the surface could blow up the whole thing.”

    “Hey, has anybody seen E.T.? We don’t leave the planet until all hands are accounted for.”

    “Go to hell, Morpheus. I’m not taking the red pill OR the blue pill.”

    “Wait, the plan is to fake our deaths with poison that will only make us look dead? Juliet, this is a stupid plan.”

  13. @major harris

    Boromir lost his horse on the way to Rivendell. It drowned at a dangerous river crossing in a ruined town on the way (I forget which…even my Tolkien nerd status has limits). He walked the rest of the way.

    The reason they couldn’t ride horses that way again is the path would have taken them right past Isengard, home of Saruman, the wizard-turned-evil who would have been watching for odd groups and had armies of orcs and evil men storming around already.

    They brought a pony (Bill) with them regardless, but were forced to abandon him at the gates of Moria (after being unable to cross the passes of the Misty Mountains), as he wouldn’t have been able to go through successfully.

    So any attempt at horses was probably a non-starter.

  14. And of course, Ephialtes did not want to be in the backup team or the cleanup crew or the body draggers or the water carriers. It was front line or nothing and when he was turned down he got bitter.

  15. Evil Queen: Let’s see. There’s a spell in here to make a poison apple. There’s a spell to turn me into an ugly old hag. I wonder if there’s a spell in here to make me the fairest in the land.

  16. Leonidas explained to cripple guy why he couldn’t join. They have to be able physically fit to join together as a team and be one. The guy couldn’t even lift a shield over his head. It wasn’t just for his own safety but the sakes of the men. He would put everyone at risk and be a weak spot for an enemy to take advantage. That said, he asked him a noble duty – guard the families. Even if he had asked him to be apart from the group as a scout or support, he might have given them away thus again putting them in danger. Cripple dude was a bitch. I can’t be an Olympic marathon runner, but do I line the shoes of our US team with rocks? No, that’s a shitty thing to do. He turned on his people.

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