League of Fighters: The Actually Happening League of Legends Fighting Game

Usually when fans try to pay tribute to their favorite video game by making their own altered version of it (ie. a Pokemon MMO), it’s immediately shut down by the parent company. But when someone made a free League of Legends 2D fighter, Riot Games simply said “Go for it.”

And so, League of Fighters was born. The game is still in development, and only has one fight to show off so far, the demon-child Annie, but it’s pretty damn cool. I’m not sure how many of League’s 114 champions will make it to the roster, but all would fit great into a game like this.

I vote that Riot develops a Smash Bros. style fighting game in-house, as no one else has done that right yet (cough ,cough PS All Stars). Now THAT I could get crazily excited about.

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