Karakter’s Game of Thrones Concept Art

GoT art 2\

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Thousands of people help make Game of Thrones the massively popular, high quality show that it is, and one of the most important aspects of the program is making the universe feel big when money is tight. The show makes use of practical CGI better than nearly anything else out there, but before the computers bring backdrops to life, an artist has to sketch out the ideas first.

Enter Karakter, a design studio tasked with bringing the locations on George RR Martin’s books to life. Above and below you’ll find the sorts of work they’ve done for the show. They’ve pre-designed many of the most memorable CGI sets of the show in concept form, including Blackwater Bay, the gates of Qarth, the ruins of Harrenhal, the islands of Pyke and more.

It’s impressive that nearly all of their designs turn out to be exactly what these places look like in the show itself, with few changes. Check them all out below, and click to enlarge any of them.

GoT art 12

GoT art 11

GoT art 10

GoT art 9

GoT art 8

GoT art 7

GoT art 6

GoT art 5

GoT art 4

GoT art 3

GoT art 1

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