Eight of the Funniest Jorma Taccone Videos


Personally, I think that Jorma Taccone is one of the funniest guys working today.  He’s co-written and directed the upcoming MacGruber movie – which is one reason why I think it’ll be great, he’s part of the hilarious comedy group Lonely Island, and his role in Hot Rod is absolutely hilarious.  It’s only a matter of time before Jorma Taccone becomes as well known as Danny McBride and Andy Samberg.

I searched on the Internet for funny Jorma Taccone videos that may have been floating around.  You can check out the eight funniest ones below.  Some may be NSFW.

Jorma raps about his (lack of) pants:

The Bing Bong Brothers:

Dancing to Death Cab For Cutie:

Deleted scene from Hot Rod:

Just 2 Guyz:

It’s the Thuggish Ruggish Bone:

Allergic to peppers:

Another outtake/deleted scene from Hot Rod:

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