Johnny Bravo Helps You Pick Up Chicks


The words “Johnny Bravo” probably haven’t even crossed my mind in about five years, but that doesn’t mean my head isn’t instantly filled with his catchphrases again the moment I saw this video.

It’s a compilation of a whole bunch of times that Bravo tried to pick up girls on the show, which is like, every episode. I never really realized what a strange show this was, as it was aimed at kids who really had no interest in the opposite sex, at least for a few more years, so a lot of this probably went over their heads. It’s just some guy with goofy hair saying funny things.

Perhaps subconsciously, this is why many guys grew up to be obnoxious douchebags with gelled hair and bulging muscles. Damn you Johnny, you spawned Jersey Shore and none of us even realized it.

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