That Guy Actor of the Week: John Pankow

I’ve got one movie title and that’s where I knew I’d always like this guy:  Secret of My Success.   He played Michael J. Fox’s fun sidekick mailroom guy.  His name in real life?  John Pankow.    Everyone knows this guy’s face but I’m sure 99% of you had no idea of his name.

Reason I thought of him is because I gave that show Episodes a shot.  While I don’t really like the show all that much I think that Pankow’s character (a high powered Hollywood Exec who is married to a blind woman he cheats on) is pretty awesome.

Other roles I enjoyed him in would have to include but not limited to Dietz in Talk Radio and Geoffrey Fisher in Monkey Shines.  Amazingly enough Pankow only has 34 credits to his name which would give him the record for the fewest appearances made by someone you’d recognize by face and be on this website.  Way to go buddy!

A Pankow clip

Of course! Yesssss.   Eh, I just thought that was funny.

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