Choose Your Own Adventure: Cabin in the Woods Edition

Growing up one my favorite genres of literature was Choose Your Own Adventure books. Even if 99% of the paths seemed to end to my own death, it was still fun attempting to navigate a path that would have me surviving by the end. Hence, I would always keep my thumb on the last page, just in case I made a poor decision.

It was always something like. “Do you want to walk down the dark wooded path, or ascend the rainbow into the clouds?”

“Clouds!” (turn to page 94)

“You have been gored by a unicorn.” THE END

And speaking of being gored by unicorns, here’s artist Alice Lin’s interpretation of the newly famed horror film as a book in the genre. If you’ve seen the film, you know just how relevance the “choose” concept is here. And if you haven’t seen it? GO SEE IT, IT”S MY FAVORITE HORROR MOVIE POSSIBLY EVER. For serious.

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  1. I have to agree with you on this one, Paul. That movie was pure unadulterated AWESOME. I wish we would get a prequel, shame Drew Goddard denied they would be doing one. (though in the interview in question they were talking about sequels, rather than prequels)

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