That Guy Actor of the Week: John Diehl

This might be one of the most familiar faces out there in terms of “I’ve seen that guy before!” whose name I guarantee you didn’t know.   I mean this guy’s been in like everything.   What got me going and put it in my head to feature him on this site were two movies that were on in the same weekend.

The first was Stripes where John Diehl played a dumb redneck who says “there wasn’t?” when asked about the draft.   The second was Vacation where Diehl played a mechanic uttering the lines “you must have horse manure for brains.”

Other than these two movies?  Diehl’s got over 120 credits to his name and you’ve definitely seen him.   

Here’s a tribute to Diehl.  I could go without the music here but it shows you a bunch of flicks he’s been in.

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  1. Weird. That video clip didn’t have the film which I know him best for, which is Gettysburg. He was great as a disgruntled Union private.

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