Videos Showing Just How Badass Patrick Swayze Is


I’ve seen articles on Patrick Swayze’s coolness.  I’ve seen articles on Patrick Swayze’s movies.  But never have I seen anything of a video collection demonstrating how badass Swayze has been in a number of movies, and even on a short lived television show.

As Swayze is unfortunately bed ridden and we all hope that he can miraculously recover, I hope that this little collection will brighten up his day.

Here are 8 videos showing just how badass Patrick Swayze is

Pain Don’t Hurt – Roadhouse

Renegades – Best TV Show Intro Ever

Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner

Anything from Point Break

Nobody messes with Darry

As a Stripper

Deer Blood

In Youngblood

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  1. Bedridden? The article you referenced is from last year. I know he’s not doing as well as he’s like to be right now, but he’s not bedridden that’s for sure, so as much of a good intention you might have had, and I think you did, not so sure this would have made his day….

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