It Should Be A Movie By Now: Pokemon


No, the animated films of this show do not count towards what I’m talking about. I truly don’t understand why a full feature film of Pokemon has not been made yet. It has a fan following probably bigger than I even can understand and tons of story ideas to choose from. So what’s the deal?!

I was not part of the Pokemon craze. I never understood it, I think because the cartoon actually annoyed me. It was as if they took a really great idea and bent it towards kids of the age range from 6 to 10 … when it could have easily been a much better anime series that rivaled Avatar: the Last Airbender. Let’s go ahead and let the original show intro give you warm fuzzy feelings…

Let me say that while not a fan of the cartoon, I did however watch many an episode due to my youngest brother being slightly OBSESSED with it. Not only did he watch the cartoon for most of his pre-adolescent years, he collected the cards as well. You know, these cards:

pokemon-cardsGotta catch em all!

The cards were something I could relate to and actually have some interest in. I was a guy who played Magic the Gathering and also tried to collect my fair share of X-Men trading cards. The Pokemon cards were a huge selling point for me to at least get to know the lore behind the actual Pokemon creatures and to buy into the whole idea that the show might’ve been trying imply. Now do I know how to play the game? … no. Do I want to know how, or did I care at the time? … no. But that’s not important to why this should be a movie by now.

My main point behind this is simple, look how popular Pokemon still is! They are still selling boat loads of cards, video games, and are making a straight to DVD movie almost every year since the initial theater release back in 1998. In 1998!!! I don’t know if that amazes anyone else, but that is just astounding to me. It just goes to show that there is a huge pool, nay, an ocean of people out there ready and willing to spend money on what could be a very awesome movie. I say awesome because if you put a realistic spin on it, it could be quite successful appealing to a wide array of an audience.

pokemon-realI’d shit my pants if I saw a Blastoise like that in real life.

Yeah, I know some of their names! HA!

Anyways, Paul (who is obviously still obsessed with Pokemon) has given his readers many a post on all the renditions of Pokemon by a plethora of artists. (such as the above) This could and should happen! People like me who might not have liked the show, could be persuaded to see something like this. It’s as if you took TMNT and Jurassic Park and blended the two together. I’m not kidding at all on this one, I really think that this should be a movie by now.


So, if there are actually any readers of this site that don’t know … when the show started, there were 3 characters that I’d call the “main” characters. Then you have a cast of supporting characters with Team Rocket and the cute Nurse etc. I’m only going to focus on the main 3, but just know that there are plenty of casting decisions to be made here…

Ash – Paul Tassi
ash-castingOh yeah, I went there.

Misty – SailorMappy
misty-castingSeriously – that’s pretty darn close!

Brock – James Franco
brock-castingToo easy.

So who is with me on this? Who out there would want to see a live action Charizard laying waste to a meadow of Bellsprouts!? Yeah, I thought so. If anything let’s make sure that this doesn’t happen:

That’s just awful.


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