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I feel that Deadpool is a staple of the Unreality world. There have been plenty of contributors who have had a few tales to tell about the Merc With A Mouth – Paul, Nick, and Remy to name a few. Figured it was high time that I add to that pool of people and rant about the fact that we still don’t have a Deadpool movie!?

A little background on this subject pertaining to yours truly…Wade Wilson did not start off as my go to favorite comic book character. As a kid I can remember being totally obsessed with the X-Men and Spiderman. I probably knew enough about the X-Men to rival a lot of the comic book nerds twice my age. The day that all changed was when my parents dropped me off at the local comic book store and I was trying to haggle a price with the old man behind the counter for one of my comics and I noticed in the case a comic with a guy that looked like Spiderman but more BA. Clearly I asked to see the comic … never before as a kid had I witnessed a comic book character with that type of personality or one that broke the 4th wall. Spiderman had a wit and great sarcasm about him, but nothing that touched what I was to soon learn about Mr. Wilson.

Unlike other “movie by now” posts, I don’t have a video to show you of anything that I could find that doesn’t come across as annoying. There are some recent variations of Deadpool that have been seen via the animation scene but … ah screw it here ya go:

Changed the video thanks to Nick’s suggestion!

It’s not the best way to introduce Deadpool to people, but in a pinch I guess I’ll take it. I’ll have more at the end to better sell you. I promise. No really, just hang out or go ahead and scroll to the end now to see it.
Should I be sad that I understand this reference.

So, getting back to what’s important here. The Deadpool movie has been in and out of the rumor mill about a bajillion times by now. I know that Paul has made mention of it at least a few times, and movies sites like ScreenRant and Comingsoon have been playing the “cry wolf” game now a dozen times or so. It sucks to see a comic character like this go through the limbo of trying to get a full motion picture off the ground. It’s just something that I don’t understand at all.

I don’t understand because of 5 simple reasons, and here they are:

Reason #1
Wolverine Origins was ALL SORTS OF WRONG.

God no … not this.

Reason #2
They have Ryan Reynolds and already have the entire thing written. From what I’ve heard and seen (via the interwebs) I give a thumbs up approval.

This is the sign for approval.

Reason #3
We need more rated R comic book movies. (see Blade for example of this)

Wesley Snipes best movies IMO.

Reason #4
Huge fan support. (I’ll even take the bandwagon people at this point)

No picture because I suck at googling apparently.

Reason #5
The “test footage” has already been leaked and while it’s all CGI – it still shows how it would all work without a hitch.

He is saying hi to all the Unreality readers…


Now to be fair, I’ll list all the complaints of why it shouldn’t be made … wait, no I won’t. This needs to happen plain and simple.

I know that there is so much more that goes into making a movie happen, but I just don’t care. I feel that due to this roller-coaster ride that we’ve been on with it being made or not being made, that the original writers are going to just give up. What’s worse is that now rumors are starting to circle that Ryan Reynolds (who was sooooper passionate about it in the beginning) is becoming less interested in holding out to make it happen. That’s awful to hear because I thought if anything he would be another Hugh Jackman – someone that could fill the role perfectly and potentially make many more appearances for future films. (ahem – XForce)



Deadpool – Ryan Reynolds

Though he wouldn’t look all pretty like this…


I feel like I’m beating a dead horse with all of this and honestly Wade would make fun of me for putting effort into writing it. Either way, to see Deadpool get a moment to shine and to make up for what they destroyed via the Wolverine Origins movie would be awesome. What would be even better, is if they had Wade make reference to how they portrayed himself in Origins, and that it was (use explicit word here) up!

deadpool-broMocking myself … Wade would be proud.

Test Footage:



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  1. Jesus Christ, I hated that episode of Ultimate Spider-Man. I don’t think those dopes ever read a real deal Deadpool comic. Watch Hulk vs. Wolverine if you want the real deal. Nolan North is the definitive animated Merc with a Mouth. The test footage is a fun adaptation of “Waypool”, but it makes me feel that the classic Wade Wilson died with the end of Cable and Deadpool and won’t ever be back. People now think Deadpool is just some obnoxious buffoon and not the twisted-but-sympathetic schizophrenic who deals with his internal pain with wild humor and violence. I want to see Deadpool’s dark origin story on screen so much, but that ain’t happening while they’re trying to create a Gwen Stefani-singing goofball winking at the camera every minute.

    1. @Nick

      Man I couldn’t agree more – I still feel like that Spider-Man clip is awful. One sec, going to change it. (completely forgot about the Hulk clips on YouTube) – thanks.

      As far as the Gwen Stefani thing … while the intro isn’t quite what you and I remember and cherish it’s at least (in my opinion) something that is in the right direction rather than what Origins was going to try and shove down our throats. Where I think they capture Deadpool at his best, is his drawing of the head cut off (that he had already previously planned) and then showed it. That to me was gold.

      Either way…I still want it to be made.

      (Side note) wouldn’t it be great if they did another story line with cable?! Did you read the Xforce series with Deadpool in the white and black?

  2. Some of it. Actually, maybe just the one with the gray and black outfits. I tapped out after the evil Archangel thing was resolved. At this point, there’s just too much Deadpool going on and almost none of it is done by writers who really get the character. Bring back Kelly, Simone, or Nicieza, please, Marvel!

  3. @Nick

    Grey/White … all a matter of perspective I suppose. (haha) – though you’re probably right … grey it is.

    The more I thought about it through the night the more and more I agree with you. I feel that they’ve taken Deadpool and have almost made a mockery of what he once was. I think the sarcastic a$$hole that he was is still there but now with this goofy overtone to appeal to a wider audience. I also think that the Comic Con guys who dress up as Deadpool and get the “laughs” don’t help matters much.

    Hard to bring back the writers we love – but hey, here’s hoping.

    Still my favorite regardless.

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