Imagining the Opening Scene of Jurassic Park 4

I was shown a series of pictures this week that claimed to be concept art for the long-aborted Jurassic Park 4. Why was it aborted? Do I really have to elaborate on the above image? DINOSAUR PEOPLE.

That may be a perfectly awesome concept for a SyFy channel movie, but for something with a budget and name behind it like Jurassic Park? There was no way that was going to fly.

As for how exactly there got to be dinosaur people in this universe is anyone’s guess. I took the liberty of scripting what I believe would be the opening scene of the movie. You can check that out below, along with way more concept art from the batshit crazy drawing board.

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  1. Jurassic Park is my most favorite movie of all time. The original movie came out in 93′ and I was born in 92′, I have worn out 4 vhs tapes, 3 sets of laser discs and an innumerable amount of dvd’s. Needless to say, I have watched each installment in the series.
    I fervently watched as Jeff Goldblum made an understated performance in the second movie and as the third movie stepped away from the half-animatronic and half-cgi dinosaurs i had known and loved to cgi trainwrecks.

    That said, It would be a crime against humanity for that to occur under the title of ‘Jurassic Park’. Who do I plead to to make sure that my childhood is not ruined any further, I cannot take another Dragonball Evolution

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