If Video Games Were Comics

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This isn’t the first time we’ve featured the art of Rusty Shackles, and it certainly won’t be the last. The illustrator extraordinaire is back with a new series that imagines what it might be like video games got their own comics.

Sure, many of them already do, but they’re not nearly this cool, and Shackles borrows famous covers for his own. From AC to Psychonauts to Metal Gear Solid, it’s a gallery that shouldn’t be missed.

Now, will someone pay him to please make each of these full issues?

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  1. So let me see if I get the references right…

    1.Spiderman (spectacular spiderman…?)
    2.X-men (uncanny?)
    3. ? (i feel like I should know it, and I’m sure when someone say’s it I’ll be kicking myself in the ass…maybe Daredevil?)
    4.Superman (action comics)
    6.G.I.Joe (i believe it’s supposed to be snake eye’s on the original cover)

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