If Disney Villains Were Beautiful

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From our own Benny Bedlam via reddit via who-knows-because-reddit-doesn’t-source comes yet another Disney themed post that I could pass up. The artist’s central question wonders if Disney villains always HAVE to be so ugly while the heroines are gorgeous.

Well, bad guys can be suave or pretty too, and so she’s taken some of the most recognizable Disney foes and given them hotness makeovers. Yes, the ladies are all here from Cruella DeVille (above) to the Queen of Hearts to Ursula, but the guys have been given the same treatment from Jafar to Hades to Captain Hook. Modeling contracts for everyone!

See the rest in a really, really long image below:

disney villain2

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  1. Suddenly I feel very gay. Also Queen of Hearts looks like a slimmer Nigella Lawson and I like it. Also Cruella deVille could slap me in the face as much as she wants.

  2. The weight issue has been commented on, but why does “attractive” require that they none of them look older than their barely-mid-twenties? I mean, if that. The women are barely any of them knocking on the door of post-teen.

  3. Several are changed very little, because they weren’t that unattractive to begin with.

    I would like to see the Queen of Hearts and Ursula re-imagined as beautiful *without* that meaning they’re thin, please.


  4. Also, yeah… the main traits making some of them “unattractive” is signs of age? So yeah, same problem – “Unattractive” for all the villains means either fat or gaunt, and noticeably aged. I suppose if that’s the standard for ugly, it makes sense that the standard for beautiful is narrow weight range and young.

    I think we can have a more creative standard than that, don’t you?


  5. Uhh, folks… Ursula’s still a pretty thick girl, and her arms are thicker than her neck. She’s just no longer obese.

    Even the queen is generously pear shaped, given that she’s in a corset.

  6. To the people who comment that they could have been beautiful without being slimmed down, this is an East Asian artist. Overweight and attractive are mutually exclusive ideas to them.

  7. What I really like is that they’re different, but not so different they aren’t recognizable. I kind of wish it was like this, because although evil is ugly, so often in this life ugly is disguised as good and evil is disguised as beautiful.

  8. I must say they look more gay that beautiful (NTIHAPWT* !)
    They are not as charismatic as they were.

    *Not That I Have Any Problem With That

  9. I recognize this artist lol. He’s the same guy that turned the casts of Final Fantasy 10 into their opposite gender lol.

    Oh, and Ursula is NOT skinny. She’s “curvy” – what a real woman should look like.

  10. Already said, but can’t be said quite enough (obviously).

    Weight and age seems to be the main things changed.
    I also think the carachters seem to look like they all come from the same area/family. Instead of all corners of the world, they all look an big European family
    Its all too “smooth”. And boring.
    You can still have sharp carachteristics (big/pointy nose/chin for example), and be gorgeous.

    I absolutley HATE fat-shaming, and age-shaming.
    Their ages in the madeover-pictures, are just ridiculous..

    All bodytypes are fantastic in their own way, let them stay that way.
    Why change a winnig concept that MUCH?

    A big part of Ursulas character is the way she moves her fantastic, big, flowy body and tentacles, AND her short hair!
    She IS big, cynical, sexy and vain.

    Another artist coult probably have done this much better, a lot of carachter just disappeard with theese pictures.

  11. Wow. Frollo looks like a grey-haired teenager.
    And as much as I like them, Ursula looks like Ursula on a diet, or maybe Ursula’s daughter.
    The Queen of hearts looks like The Princess of Hearts- she really looks nothing like the original.
    Hades again, seems to have gotten much younger. And he doesn’t look like Hades one bit.
    That being said,
    I love Cruella! She is awesome.
    Also, Dr.Facilier looks great- and a lot like the original.
    Captain Hook and Jafar are awesome… But that may be just because I find them kinda…. I’ll be objective. Jafar seems to have aged down at least ten years, and Captain Hook, too. But not as much as the others, and I would have still easily known who they are.
    Shun Yu looks very similar to the original.

    Also, to the guy who said The Queen and Ursula aren’t that thin… Screw you.
    That’s really thin. Almost as much as the princesses, and don’t get me started on how thin those are…
    Have you seen Jasmine’s waist? No? Me either!

  12. How about you people stop complaining? I mean, isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? If this is what the artist finds beautiful then it should be fine, just because they don’t share the same views as you doesn’t give you a right to make a fuss and tell the artist that they should change it. I also don’t think that you have to be stick thin to be beautiful but I’m not going to push MY interpretation of beauty onto others.

  13. To all the people complaining about the artist slimming down two of the characters.. get over it. Being obese (Ursula) is not attractive. Some people don’t find overweight attractive. Get over it. The world shouldn’t have to change to fit your beliefs.

  14. @Guo Jia- What an awful, ignorant comment. Women are not *meant* to be curvy- or any other one ideal type. By trying to show your “acceptance” of the larger body type, you’ve ostracized a whole other part of the female population. There is absolutely no such thing as a “real women”. All women are real. You can find whatever body type as attractive or unattractive as you want, but please stop with the “real women” garbage.

  15. I find it interesting that the conceit of this whole thing is that ugly=evil. The art here neglects Maleficent, Gaston, Queen Grimhilde, or Mother Gothel. Each of them is undeniably evil, yet are known for the way they look and the extreme measures to which some of them will go to preserve their beauty.

    Another point: I’d hardly call Doctor Facilier ugly. It looks a little more like he was made “less ethnic”, which is not cool at all. He was a little exaggerated in the movie, but he was a good-looking guy. It looks like the artist here took issue with the fact that his features were a little too African than he or she was comfortable with.

  16. Some drawings are quite good, but some don’t make much sense… yes, Frollo could be cuter, but he’s still supposed to be a man in his 50s/60s. They could have made him a beautiful but older man. That youngster is a bit ludicrous in the role.

  17. All pictures are drawn by one artist so of course they will looke similar to each other. And to those sensitive folks who are crying about their weight difference as if they were real people please stop. Although iconic these characters are examples of blatant stereotypes by today’s standards and they from a much different age with a different concepts of good and evil. I would love to hear your opinions if the characters were changed from the bottom picture to the top one.

  18. Oh come on, everyone needs to quit whining. So the characters aren’t the same weight and age as they were before. Guess what? It’s his art.

    He’s a Japanese artist. You might not like it, but in Japan, young and smaller IS beautiful. Who are you to dictate the values of another culture?

    Not everyone has to cater to American values, that’s selfish.

  19. oh please guys, it’s obvius that they’re better ’cause they are skinny and young. it’s a rule. you can’t be beautiful if you are fat and old and I’m not telling this because I have a super hot body but ’cause I don’t.

  20. If Lafayette had looked that way he wouldn’t have had problems with his “friends in the shadows” because he would have gotten every damned soul they wanted. I am pretty sure some of the others wouldn’t even have become villains because people had dropped at their feet, especially Jafar would probably have had less problems with a coup and acquiring power.

  21. I really liked all of it but one single thing really got on my nerves: why do they need to be thin to be beautiful? But really, good job to the artist, even though I prefer the original version; I mean common, Hades is already hot the way he is 😉

    1. We, as humans, naturally find healthy attractive. I don’t necessarily think that they were made ‘thin’, they were just made healthy. Albeit an almost unrealistic healthiness, it’s still them being healthy. If you look at Cruella DeVille, in the original version, she’s practically a stick. She looked like a skeleton with skin. But she was given more flesh to look more healthy. Why aren’t you uncomfortable with that as well? You’re making it seem like it’s okay to skinny shame but not fat shame. Being overweight is unhealthy and so is being underweight. Ergo being either is a contradiction to what we naturally find attractive. It’s double standards like that that irritate me.

      1. and the queen from alice isn’t thin at all… Look at her corset (you
        know the thing the women wear to look thinner). She’s rather shuby. 😉
        The line of her clothes tend to hide it (and that what clothes are for
        XD) but she tend to be as “fat” as her original form ^^ note that she
        isn’t less beautiful for that.

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