If Comedians Took on Video Games

I was browsing around the internet yesterday when I came across this rather amazing thread from 4chan, describing what it might look like if video games were a source of material for popular comedians.

I could have just posted it for you to read in original thread form, but I liked it so much, I wanted to give it a bit of visual flair, so I put a little gallery together with a round-up of the comics. I even added in one of my own.

Check out the jokes below, and if you have any other good ones you want me to post, lets hear your best jokes below. One of you has to have a good Chappelle one.

Yes, I know I left out Kat Williams. 

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  1. Wow a lot of these are actually amazing and spot on. That’s exactly Mitch Hedberg’s style of comedy. I also love how Carlos Mencia just stole Chris Rock’s joke. Again, spot on. Louis C.K.’s is great too.

  2. “I tried playing Starcraft 2, but the best I could do was getting reamed by a bunch of Korean boys…or as Marcus Bachmann calls it, Thursday.”
    – Bill Maher

    “We got any WoW players here? Hey you, you look like a WoW player. You smell like a WoW player. Go take a shower, hockey puck!”
    – Don Rickles

    “*loud phlegmy cough*…WHY is it…WHY is it…that Link…never says anything? …Well, because…it’s hard to talk with a mouth full of semen.”
    – Neil Hamburger

  3. Glad I’m not the only one that feels Carlos Mencia steals jokes and all George Lopez does is “I’m mexican and poor” jokes. The rest were spot-on!

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