I Told You There’s Cosplay for Everything

I think the last time I was this caught off guard by a random cosplay choice was when someone did an expert job of dressing up as Coco Bandicoot. But today with Gadget Hackwrench, quite possibly my first non-human crush as a kid, we might have a new champion of obscurity.

Gadget has been brought to life by Nastya, a pro cosplayer who I’m calling pro just by the sheer quality and quantity of costumes in her gallery. A lot of her other outfits are super anime-ish, and I don’t quite know them, but Gadget? How I could I ever forget her adventures with Chip and Dale, the Rescue Rangers.

Check out a few more shots of her in costume below.

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  1. I think you need a reality check if that’s what you call a quality cosplay. She’s cute, but that has nothing to do with the costume and it’s quality. Nothing really pro here, imho.

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