Help Unreality Readers Make a Marvel vs. Capcom Movie

Friends of the site David Hoang and Cin De have given us some of the best reader-submitted cosplay we’ve seen on the site, and now I’m going to try and help them return the favor. They have the wacky idea that they want to make a high quality Marvel vs. Capcom 3 fan film, which I think would be fantastic.

They’ve got a Kickstarter going over here, so ┬áif you want to pledge any amount at all, it would be helpful. You only have to pay if they reach their goal. I just threw them $50 because I like supporting the local arts (especially when they involve awesome cosplay costumes), but even if you wanted to do $5, I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

If this does end up getting made, you can be damn sure it’ll be featured here. Best of luck guys.

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