Harry Potter Anime is Cooler Than You Might Imagine

Anime can be hit or miss as it can either be a very cool art style, or turn every character into a thirteen year old girl. This anime rendition of Harry Potter is a bit of both, but ultimately I think it’s quite well done.

No, this is not the full image. Had I posted all of it, you would still be scrolling down trying to read this text. Rather, the full image is after the jump that you can check out when it suits you. I think the character renditions are quite well done for the most part, although a few are a bit too stylized for me to tell who they’re supposed to be. I’m also not sure why Fred and George appear to be on the verge of making out. Oh, and this is probably pretty spoilery if you missed any of the books including the last one, so take caution if you’re still uninitiated.

Check it out below, and I’m off to start hunting for the artist:

See it in even higher res at Geekolgie.

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  1. i have constantly been saying that harry potter would be perfect for an anime interpretation…it would be epic, and it would be able to expand on so much without deviating from the main story.

  2. @Guy Incognitus

    I’m not positive on two and I have absolutely no idea about one.

    1. Is that Regulus behind Kreacher?
    2. Is the witch in purple Professor Sprout?
    3. Who is the old guy next to Neville and Luna?

  3. @Steve:
    It seems pretty clear to me that this poster is actually for Deathly Hallows only rather than the full series. Proof: George has no ear, Fred is dead, Dumbledore is just a vision, all 3 Deathly Hallows are in there, as well as the snitch and Snape’s memories in a vial. Plus, there’s a lack of some other noteworthy characters from the series. With that in mind:
    1. Yes
    2. No, Professor Sprout would be in green. That is Delores Umbridge.
    3. That is Ollivander.

    Agreed, Tonks especially is super bad-ass looking.

  4. Well I think an HP anime would be AMAZING. I don’t think these characters are too stylized. I was able to identify all of them pretty easily. The one holding the blonde girl is probably Bill Weasley, so the blonde girl is Fleur Delacour. The old man behind who I believe is Neville holding the Sword of Gryffindor is Ollivander.

  5. I can’t believe any of you think this is cool….Harry Potter is awful to begin with and when you turn it into anime, it just becomes utterly gay….

  6. @Steve:

    IMO I think the witch in purple is Prof. Sprout, and being able to stand along side Prof. McGonagall and the rest of the protagonists is a bit awkward, don’t you think? As Umbridge was one of the annoying antagonists in the book hehehe =D.

  7. IMO I think the witch in purple is Prof. Sprout, and if that was Umbridge and was being able to stand along side Prof. McGonagall and the rest of the protagonists would be a bit awkward, don’t you think? As Umbridge was one of the annoying antagonists in the book hehehe =D.

  8. to answer the “why Fred and George are on the verge of making out” question its because when Ouran High School Host Club had the twins be in the same predicament the views increased so the kept it.

  9. @Steve

    That’s not Umbridge. Not toadlike enough, nor does that woman have brown hair (Umbridge does) and there’s no bow on her hair and also, as somebody mentioned on here, she’s placed with the protagonists while she was an antagonist. That’s Pomona Sprout I think, though I’m not sure why they included Sprout and not Flitwick, so maybe I’m wrong. I think the reason why the artist didn’t make her robes green was because McGonagoll was already wearing green…

  10. # Lev
    dear lev. the redhead is actually BILL- a DUDE- hugging his wife, Fleur
    man i know anime drawing makes people look androgynous but this picture of bill was kinda obvious :))))

  11. from the top

    bellatrix lastrange
    lucius malfoy
    narcissa black
    draco malfoy
    regulas black/kreature (back to back)
    molly weasley
    arthur weasley
    charles weasley
    bill weasley
    Fleur Delacour
    Ginny Weasley
    Percy Weasley
    George Weasley (with the bandages)
    Fred Weasley
    Minerva McGonagall
    Deloris Umbridge
    Nmphadora Tonks
    Rubius Hagrid
    Nevil Longbottom
    Luna Lovegood
    Garrick Olivander
    Severus Snape (on a bed of lilys for the woman he loved)
    Remus Lupin
    Serious Black
    James Potter (projected by the resurrection stone)
    Lily Potter (projected by the resurrection stone)
    Hermiony Grandger
    Ron Weasley
    Harry Potter
    Albus Dumbledore

    checked and double checked with descriptions and pictures from the books movies and the harry potter wiki

  12. edit to my last comment i misspelled Tonks’ name its Nymphadora not Nmphadora and i was incorect on the woman next to McGonagall it is Poppy Pomfrey i forgot that in the last movie she was wearing her red nurse robes which in the blue-white light of the wands look purple

  13. Fred and George aren’t on the verge of making out… George is crying and if you look closely he’s not really smiling but actually that crying face you can see in anime. That’s actually the scene where George looks at Fred’s dead body. It’s pretty well drawn if you ask me, it almost tells the the story itself. I, myself, had no trouble knowing who was who.

    Although I don’t expect it to happen, I’d be very pleased with a Harry Potter anime. Being a Harry Potter and anime fan it would almost be a dream come true.

  14. The image is awesome! I hope an anime producer or something might think of making Harry Potter Anime version out of it. Who’d Hermione would be that gorgeous??!!
    Is the man beside Neville, Aberforth? or Ollivander?

  15. I really hope that Harry Potter becomes an anime, although I think that it would be highly unlikely. The artwork displayed here actually looks legit- like a poster for the last book. When I was reading some of the comments here though, I was a little confused.

    @Charlie: What exactly did you mean when you stated that all anime was “bad” except for Speed Racer? There are thousands of various anime titles, with each of them unique in their drawing style, plot, character development, and fandom. I am not particularly a fan of the Speed Racer anime (I am not into racing-type anime), I could tell from the drawing style that it was probably from a time period around the 1980’s. Some examples of anime that correlate to Harry Potter are: Fullmetal Alchemist, and D.Gray-Man (For anime crossovers on Fanfiction.net, they also rank pretty high in the sheer amount)- if you are willing to try anime again, maybe you could see if you like some of these anime yourself.

    @Jb: I was wondering… If you didn’t like Harry Potter to begin with, I was curious as to how making it into an anime would make it worse. If anything, I thought that an anime adaption could enrich the plot, and would keep the series alive.

    If my responses are offensive in any way, I profusely apologize. I only intended to take a neutral standpoint. Thank you!

    1. I totally agree that it depicts George crying over Fred’s body. As it says in DH, Fred died with the smile of his last laugh still etched on his face. That is why his eyes are closed but yet he still appears to be grinning. Very touching scene. Although, it does remind me a bit Hikaru and Kaoru from Ouran Host Club….lol

  16. Aberforth is the gray-haired bespectacled man next to Neville. Remember, Aberforth was a huge help to Neville, and all the other Hogwarts students who resisted the Death Eaters, after the Room of Requirement created the tunnel leading to his bar, the Hog’s Head. The picture has him looking a bit more clean-cut than I imagined he’d be, but it’s anime style after all.

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