Gotham in 1459

Behold, a new art concept that imagines what it might have been like had Batman and his villains existed in 1459. It took me a minute, and without prompting from the “Gotham” I might not have guessed that this was super old school Two Face. Below are Batman and Catwoman. She kind of looks like a nun in tight pants.

I can see Batman being pretty awesome in the 15th century. My history isn’t so good, so I’m not sure exactly what was going on back then. The Crusades? Witch hunting? Chris Columbus was thirty years later in 1492, I know that much. I’ll never forget that song from school.

Check out the other two below, and if artist Igor Kieryluk makes any more, I’ll return to feature them.

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  1. It actually looks like the artist is going for the Crusades era but he got his year wrong. For example half of two-face is wearing templar armour. The templar order was wiped out in 1314. The other half appears to be barbarian attire which would have been from before then even. 1459 is right in the middle of the Renaissance. Picture what people were wearing in Assassin’s Creed II and you’d be pretty close (that game starts in 1499).

  2. Neil Gaimen came up with the idea for Marvel 1602 while on vacation in Venice… he was asked to write something, but had no ideas, and then was like “Hey, now… this city has an old timey feel! How cool would that be!”

    1602 was written almost 9 years ago; it was pretty original at the time.

  3. Well, if you think about it, the animated series Gotham still has a lot of that art deco style, which was prominent in the 1930s and 1940s, with villains dressing like prohibition era gangsters and such, so adopting a fashion from the *relative* past doesn’t seem too far fetched for the Batman style.

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