Ghana Makes the Greatest Movies Ever


Now that we’re done making fun of goofy Bollywood films over the last few years, it’s time to move on to another burgeoning film industry. One apparently exists in Ghana, but even with low budgets and lack of equipment, it’s clear they’re on the right path to moviemaking sucess.

Don’t believe me? Check out the above trailer for “2016” and tell me it’s not the greatest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s only thirty seconds long, but since I’ve watched it, my head won’t stop spinning around like the Exorcist out of the sheer insanity I’ve just witnessed.

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  1. That is possibly the funniest thing you have ever posted.

    An alien that shouts “2016” a lot then a GUN comes out of his chest and shoots at a random guy. Then a throwing star is stopped by the magic powers of a Terminator!

    Amazing. The very last shot before it blacks out is a guy holding 2 motercycles, one in each hand.

    In a few years, they could take that DIY spirit and get some better effects and people will be buying into that kind of madness.

  2. It had the feeling of a car advertisement, or a monster truck rally advert. It had a very “SUNDAY SUNDAY SUNDAY!!!!” feeling about it. I wouldn’t mind seeing a film with a budget made by these people.

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