Game of Thrones: The Gathering


I remember when it used to be an internet thing to make Magic cards out of stuff that wasn’t magic related. Turns out it’s STILL a thing judging by these Game of Thrones themed cards that I’ve just found via Geekologie.

There are quite a lot in the set, and nearly all the major players of the show have their own card. Looking over them, these weren’t just slapped together. The best part is reading the abilities which actually make quite a lot of sense given the characters.

I particularly like Littlefinger’s “Extort” abillity (though I’m not sure why Jaime also has it), and of course Dany gets upgradeable three dragon creature tokens.

Check out even more sets of cards below:



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  1. I hate to say this, but these were just slapped together. These were made quickly with Magic Set Editor with little effort. Wordings are sometimes off and cards don’t make much sense if they were real MtG cards.

    But some of these are good in MtG sense too. I just would’ve liked to see little more effort put onto these.

  2. There is already a GoT card game out there. Came out 9 years ago I think. Me and a buddy bought it when we bought the entire Heroquest game. With all expansions also. That was a great day!

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