Game of Thrones in Adorable Animal Form

Game of Thrones is usually a bloody, sexy drama on HBO, but what if it aired at 2PM on Nick Jr instead? Also, is Nick Jr. still a channel?

It might look something like this, a kid friendly battle of animals clans, all vying for the king of the jungle title. This project is from artist Renaud Forestie, and has the major houses of the show in cute and cuddly form which you can check out above and below.

No offense to House Tully, but you went with a fish? Really? Out of every animal in existence, a fish? You had better be damn good swimmers at least.

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  1. I think the animals were chosen based on the location of the house that chose them. Tully is based at Riverrun which naturally is surrounded by a natural moat of rivers.

    Basically the choice there is Trout (which it is), Caddis Fly Larva, Mayfly, or Algae.

    I know which one I would choose.

    Stark is the North, so wolves
    Mormont is bear island, so bear
    Arryn is the Eyrie up a mountain, so Eagle
    Greyjoy is the Iron Island, so sea monster
    Targaryens always had dragons, so dragons
    Baratheon is the King’s one, so crowned stag
    Lannisters are blond, vaguely aryan, liony people, so lion

    It’s just I think GRRM ran out of animals for the millions of houses he made up.

  2. Complete agreement with RBourne. Because they’re located at Riverrun, the intersection of 3 rivers, their emblem is a fish. Similar with the Mormonts, who are the bear for their location on Bear Island.

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