Gamble With Your Life on This Breaking Bad Slot Machine


Etsy isn’t all just about custom pillow shams and whimsical wall art. Turns out there are some pretty epic products for sale there, like this $1300 custom made Breaking Bad slot machine. For the discerning Heisenberg enthusiast, of course. What does it entail. The creator explains:

* Full size slot machine – Almost 3 feet tall and weighs almost 100lbs.

* Takes quarter sized “tokens” (complies with ebays “token in / token out” policy).

* Backlit glass and reels.

* Reels stop automatically.

* Features the original theme music from the show.

* Voice clips from the show play during certain winning combinations.

* Features the “Saul Goodman Bailout Bonus” (win free spins).

* Beautiful reel graphics, featuring Heisenberg bars, meth lab RV’s, Gus Sevens, and others.

* Slot machine actually talks… “I am the one who knocks”, “Say My Name”, “Heisenberg!” and more!

Judging by number two up there, when you hit three sevens blue meth won’t come spilling out the bottom. That certainly wouldn’t comply with any proper policies. Check out one more shot of the machine below and a video of it in action:



[via technabob]


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