Freddie Wong Makes the Mario Game that Nintendo Won’t


My list of grievances with the Wii U are well-documented, but chief among them is the distinct lack of a true “next gen” Mario title that is a must for any Nintendo system. 64 had 64, Gamecube had Sunshine and Wii had Galaxy (1 and 2). The Wii U has New Super Mario Bros. U, but most would agree that’s not what I’m talking about. Granted, it’s still early in release, but nothing’s even been announced yet and some are starting to get antsy.

Enter Freddie Wong, whom I haven’t been keeping up with as much as I should. The YouTube superstar is taking his production levels to another level these days, and after 50 days of rendering, we have his version of an FPS Mario level with gorgeously rendered animation. Obviously, I don’t think the series would really work Mirror’s Edge style first person in practice, but it’s cool to see the world animated so beautifully here. Be sure to follow along in the upper left where we get a 2D representation of what’s happening in 3D below.

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