An Homage to the Late, Great Frank Frazetta (1928-2010)


As you’re probably now aware, the world lost a terrific artist yesterday with the passing of Frank Frazetta.  A recent series of strokes couldn’t prevent Frank from producing incredible pieces of artwork – as he amazingly taught himself to paint with his left hand – but one final stroke yesterday was unfortunately more than his body could take. 

Frank specialized in fantasy and science fiction paintings, and you’ve undoubtedly seen some of his work, like maybe some of his awesome Conan stuff.  I actually used to have his “Deathdealer” painting hanging on my wall when I first moved to New York.

I suppose there’s some solace in knowing that even though Frank isn’t with us anymore, his paintings will stand the test of time.  You can check out some amazing works from a truly incredible artist.  R.I.P.





















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  1. what a great artist i love the robert e. howard stories but they were made even greater buy franks badass art work. and not one blue cat person in the bunch what a brilliant talent (if there was a blue cat person he painted i have to admit it would be a hardcore avatar esque picture but only because of franks talent because avatar sux)

  2. Man this stuff is pretty epic. I’m disappointed that I didn’t know of this guy before now.

    He’s got a Michaelangelo-esque mastering of body forms and muscle contours. That stuff is super tricky to get right.

    I love it.

  3. Oooo…

    Eye candy. This guys work is gorgeous. The women have meat on their bones.

    The heroes are ripped.

    I hate to use this word, but… EPIC battle scenes…


  4. This is the artwork I grew up on. My dad was into fantasy hardcore and made sure I grew to love it too.

    Good, he’s gonna be devastated when I tell him Frazetta died.

  5. Tishy, you and I are on the same page. My Dad had a couple of these illustrations framed on the walls of his office at work and as a kid I was blown away by them.

    Clint, you are absolutely right; Frazetta’s art enhanced Howard’s work. When I think Conan I visualize Frazetta’s interpretation of him.

  6. @ chrystani

    Hah – glad you mentioned that the women had meat on their bones. Goes to show what “attractive” meant to this guy back then. I personally think it’s great that the women aren’t all Raquel Welch-like. The girls he painted are sexy as hell to me.

  7. Looks like those polar bears aren’t exactly harnessed to the sleigh in the 5th picture. But that’s forgivable, Gary Larson made the same mistake in one of his comics.

  8. He was a master, as has already been stated. I don’t even know how many books I read, just because his cover art was so incredible. An original, a genius, he will be missed.

  9. Additionally, his Death Dealer paintings were so spectacular that James R. Silke worked with Frank and wrote a series of books (appropriately titled Frank Frazetta’s Death Dealer) that are simply amazing.

  10. As a young artist I struggled through the countless forms of expression. I found I had a passion for fantasy and sci-fi but it wasn’t until I found Frank’s work did I truly see where my skills could go and what I needed to do to get there. Between Frank’s creativity and Boris’ technique I honed my skills to honour both of my role models. What an incredible loss of one of our greatest artists. He will never be forgotten!

  11. @illeaturfamily Um . . . have you SEEN Raquel Welch? If you mean to point out that Frazetta’s women don’t look like stick bugs, she’s the wrong example for the opposite.

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